News From ‘Free Tibet’ London – Former Monk Tashi Rabten Carries Out Fatal Self-Immolation.



Tashi Rabten carries out fatal self-immolation


Tashi Rabten was a former monk from Teushel village in Machu County, Kanlho, eastern Tibet.

He carried out his self-immolation protest at around 5pm (local time) on Thursday, 8 December, while shouting for the freedom of Tibet and the return of the Dalai Lama.

Video footage shows Tashi Rabten walking while he is burning, eventually collapsing to the pavement. We must warn you that the footage is extremely graphic and some may find it upsetting.


He left a note behind in Chinese, explaining in further detail his reasons for carrying out this protest, which we have translated into English on our website.

We have also learned that, since his death, members of Tashi Rabten’s family have been detained by police.





International Human Rights Day



Freedom for the gentle people of Tibet !

Full support for freedom from SAV.



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