England: David Smith – A person we have watched for years – Now Kent dealers and vet jailed over sick horse fraud.



Kent dealers and vet jailed over sick horse fraud


david smith

Photo – BBC.


Having been involved with live animal export investigations for some 25+ years, we are very familiar with Vet David Smith; as he was one of the principal vets involved with the live animal export trade out of Kent Channel ports going back into the 1990’s.  We demonstrated outside of his clinic for many years in the past. 

His actions then involving the very quick checks on animals going for export were questioned by some of us; but at the time our evidence and complaints were not listened to.  He was a ‘vet’ and we were not; so he was better than us, such was the opinion of Defra (then MAFF).

Well after all these years we have been proven right.  Such a shame that Smith was regarded by Defra as some kind of ‘supervet’ for years and years; approving live animal exports at almost every shipment.

Well now we have seen the real side of Smith – but the question is, for how long, and involving what other animals in the past have his actions covered up dirty dealings ?








You could say that finally, justice has been done ! – SAV.





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