England: ‘Free Tibet’ (London) Campaign – We Did It !



Regarding our very recent appeal:




We now have some great news from ‘Free Tibet’, London.


We made it – Thank you


Thank you to all those who have donated to Tibet Match 2017, raising an incredible £6,448.60 so far.

£6,000 of this will be doubled, meaning a total of £12,448.60 for Tibet Watch. During Tibet Match week, any donations made (up to a £6,000 limit) are matched by a handful of generous benefactors, and with just 10 hours to go, we have surpassed that limit, securing the entire match pot for our research partner.

Our Senior Researcher in Dharamsala wished to pass this message on to all those who donated:

“Thank you very much for your support and donations. It’s truly an inspiration for all of us to see your generosity when someone is in need of help. A single coin you give to Tibet Watch makes a big difference in highlighting Tibet and raising awareness of human rights violations. It means a lot to us and a lot for our work. Thank you once again.”


Thanks to your fantastic support, we have the funds needed to run the entire Tibet Watch field office for more than half the year.

Thank you.


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