Mother’s Day: for Tammy.

A few days ago I got a video.
It was about a dairy farm in Australia, the second largest in the country.

Tammy lived in this barracks with others and she was very pregnant.
Sadists and criminals wanted to force her baby out of her.
They used a machine called a “calf puller”.
They ripped Tammy’s body apart, Tammy screamed with fear and pain, but she could not escape because the psychopaths were holding her body with metal tongs.
The calf died during birth, Tammy a few days later. She was not even provided with veterinary care after this ordeal.

For Mother Tammy, for all the Tammys of this world, I feel strong pain, anger, and infinite sadness.

I think of all the unknown mothers, who we “honor” them this day- like every day – with pain, torture, sadism.




Since years, Mother’s Day has been regarded as the monopoly of love and gratitude only to human mothers; the advertising participates, the media join in, a dulled society is involved.

We, the Monarchs, have established it and exchange gifts and thanksgiving among us; because the ruling species always remains united and strong, and uses a proven industry, namely the advertising industry, to sentimentalize this monopoly of love and gratitude for human animals only.

And so on that day, I feel hate and contampt for a society, that monopolizes the right to life and freedom on its species, and thus proves that this society achieves for centuries the moral bankruptcy.


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