The Visitor Map Is Back – And Updating !


Well you should be able to see now that we have re introduced our visitor map to the site.

We did this on 18/4/17 and we are now letting things get started.

Currently the map shows that we have had 25 visits between 18th March and April.  This is not correct as we have access to daily view figures regardless.  Figures are updating by the minute. For example, for each day of 14th, 16th and 17th April for example we have had over 120 visits on each individual day.  Sometimes we hit 250+ visits in a day – so we are currently unsure if the system is just trying to do ‘catch up’ or if these are figures for 18/4 1700 GMT onwards, which was when we re established the system.

We are going to let it do its own thing for a few days and see what happens.  We will be making any changes as necessary.  Regardless, it is nice to have our visitor map back so that we can see where all our visitors are coming from.

The map is on the left hand side below the long list of monthly archives.

If you click on the map you can see the locations and national flags of all the visitors. No names are given, just the town or city of the visitor – ‘New York’ for example.

Enjoy ! – SAV.



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