England / Asia: Jill Robinson: to the Moon and Back DVD – The Story of the Founder of Animals Asia.

Jill Robinson: to the Moon and Back DVD

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Quick Overview

Now you can watch the extraordinary story of our founder Jill Robinson who took on the bear bile industry and created massive social and political change in China and Vietnam. ‘Jill Robinson: to the Moon and Back’ is proof that one person can change the world.

Narrated by actor Peter Egan, this is Jill’s journey told from her own perspective. Our thanks to filmmaker Andrew Telling and Orange Planet Pictures for this deeply moving film. 30% of sales go to Animals Asia. Available in English only. Running time: 53 minutes.


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A little more about Jill – the girl from England who visited a bile farm; saw the suffering bears, and decided to start doing something about their suffering.  Founding Animals Asia – they have now rescued hundreds of animals and are gradually closing the bile farms down.















SAV Comment

I had the great pleasure of corresponding with Jill just about a year ago when I asked her if it would be possible to establish an AA facility in Serbia relating to stray dog education and also a direct link with the EU Enlargement Commission.  AA also does work in relation to stray dogs as well as bile bears.  We threw some ideas around, but unfortunately decided against it, mainly because a lot of the (AA) funding is desperately needed primarily for campaigns in the far East such as stray animal management, running ex bile bear shelters and doing rescue missions.  The other overriding fact was that despite our and many other groups attempts over many years, the brain dead Serbian government cannot get a grip on the fact that a national sterilisation programme of strays works for the very good over a period of time; gradually reducing stray animal numbers.

They cannot (or most probably do not want to) grasp this approach; thinking instead that continual round up and continual killing of strays is the only answer to what they call ‘a problem’.  We call it ‘corruption’ as it is a continual way of making money from the government (aka the EU) by continually allowing in sterilised strays to breed; then rounding them up as problem strays and finally killing them, whilst at the same time declaring to the public that they are providing a ‘service’ to them by keeping down stray numbers.  Sterilisation is the only real way to reduce numbers !

If the money (in some cases 500 Euros per dog caught and killed – when the average monthly wage for a person is 300 Euros) was put into a national stray sterilisation plan; then stray numbers would automatically decrease over time, thus eliminating the need for shinters and money being paid out for each round up and killing.  But to some in certain areas of Serbian government and regional authority, the current process is a continual way of making a fast buck (as we give figure for above) and possibly pocketing some of the big money paid out for every stray dog caught and killed.  A Non sterilisation attitude such as theirs is a guaranteed way of ensuring that you always have a supply of dogs to capture and kill – and getting money from organisations such as the EU for doing it.  We have given our information so many times to the EU Enlargement Commission over the years; but they are not really interested in the evidence, just the same as they are not interested in real evidence for real abuses in the live animal transport scheme for example.

So we don’t win, the animals certainly don’t win, but the authorities and people in government, sure they win with the ‘official payments made for stray animal control’.

If they read this and say we are overstepping the plate, then let them come forward and threaten to take us to court if they think we are telling untruths.  We have THE EVIDENCE; know the shelter formats (ask those campaigning for the Pozega dogs) AND HAVE THE SPECIALISTS WHO WILL TESTIFY THAT THE STERILISATION OF STRAYS IS THE ONLY WAY TO REDUCE NUMBERS OVER A GIVEN TIME PERIOD.  At the same time we can also inform that we and others have been ignored by the EU when it comes to a strategy for stray animal management.

We have said a lot about this and gained a lot of evidence over the last 11+ years.  Never have we so far even been threatened with court action – we wonder why ? – could it be that we are correct and the government attitude to long term stray management and associated finances is wrong ?

So the situation is that Serbia does not sterilise stray animals as it prefers a money making ‘kill’ policy.  Sterilisation would reduce stray numbers = less animals to catch and kill = less money into pockets for some.  But also a win – win situation for stray number reduction.

Like live export evidence presented to them, the EU does not really care; it just chugs on at a pathetic rate ignoring any non compliance evidences with its own-created Regulations such as 1/2005; whist at the same time preaching to all other member states that the UK was so wrong to vote to leave the EU.  I am a ‘European’ from the UK; and thus would accept to be IN the EU, but only if the EU actually enforces its own rules, which it does not.  The UK will not put up with the EU shambles; so we voted to get out.  Does the Le Pen situation in France on 23/4 not tell them (EU) that most people in Europe; the normal citizens;  are fed up with deaf ear ‘EU jobsworths’ who really do nothing but type out Europa websites and non-enforceable EU regulations each and every day ?

We shall see, and we carry on regardless;

Regardless, I have massive respect and love for Jill Robinson and the work she has undertaken at Animals Asia – it is now a world wide organisation which is slowly but surely killing off the bear bile trade and opening the cage doors to a life of freedom and love and care for all the bears they rescue.  Soon there will be no more bile farms – Jill will have succeeded in bringing her dream into the real world; and for that she deserves all of our respect and admiration.  She is one very special lady.

It is because of such very special people like her, that SAV will always promote and support the work of this excellent organisation – Animals Asia and their founder, Jill.

As they say, ‘Until the cruelty ends’;




USA: Petition – Punish Man Who Cut Off Horses Leg With A Saw, Without Using Any Anesthesia


It really makes you wonder if these kind of jerks should even be allowed within 100 metres of an animal – let alone own them !

Allegedly sawing off the leg of his horse without any kind of anesthesia or sedation !

Demand that this person be punished for his actions which left the horse in question dead.

Please read and sign the petition at:





England: Bush and Gilmour – Enjoy.

I saw Kate twice in concert when I was young – she has only toured twice – and she has always been a massive favourite of mine.

She is Veggie like all good people, and she is from Kent, the county where I was born and have always lived.  Kent girls are the best ! – see Siouxsie also (another Kent girl) – I say no more, apart from the brilliant Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd) on guitar with Kate.




and Siouxsie:

In Memory of ‘Britches’ For 24/4/.


In memory of Britches



Every year on this day I remember the liberation of the macaque baby “Britches” from the University Laboratory of California (ULC). The ALF has made this exemption. Britches, a five-week-old monkey baby, was separated from his mother shortly after his birth. The aim of the experiment was to test the effect of a device on the blind so that blind people are guided by warning signals. For this reason the eyelids of Britches had been sewn and a sonar device attached to him.

On April 20, 1985, some courageous ALF activists deactivated the alarm system of ULC, entered the lab, and freed Britches, along with other 460 laboratory animals.

The story of “Britches” is perhaps known, but less well-known is that due to this action, these cruel trials in UCR were no longer pursued. The eyes of the monkeys were also no more sewn. And ALF has written with this liberation a history in the fight against animal experiments.

After a lot of actions, demos, signatures we have made against animal experiments, I ask myself today what we have achieved against this criminal idiocy (animal experiments). Unfortunately not much.

After 40 years of fighting animal experiments, the EU has forbidden animal experiments on cosmetics by law on 11 March 2013. This was really a great success! But this is obligatory only for the EU. In China, for example, animal testing for cosmetics is mandatory. The requirements in China mean that companies who want to sell their products there, must have them tested on animals. This means that if a cosmetic company from Germany wants to have new customers in China, it has to participate the animal experiments. Although this company is animal-free in Germany.

Nevertheless, a boycott of animal experiments is possible only in the cosmetics sector.

In the drug area, on the other hand, a boycott is almost impossible. All medications, treatment methods, surgical techniques … etc. have been tested in animal experiments, and are still being tested. In most cases with no clinical benefit. Because what works with the animal, does not necessarily work for human beings. The reason is that the animal experimentation system, as known, is based on an incorrect methodological approach, that is: the diseases of humans are reduced to symptoms in experimental animals. The so-called “animal models” are produced in Labor animals. Cancer is produced in mice by injection of cancer cells or gene manipulation. These “animal models”, however, have nothing in common with human disease, and are therefore not suitable for curing human beings.

Cancer is a typical example of the chronic unsuccessfulness of animal experimentation medicine. I quote the opinion of researcher Dr. Richard Klausner, director of the American National Cancer Institute, 1998 “The history of cancer research is the history of how to cure cancer in mice. For decades, we have been curing cancer in mice, but in humans it just does not work “.

I still want to end my contribution to the day of the experimental animals with a positive message, which has sent me a friend recently.

“Maybe we need to stop thinking of animals as these little furry test tubes that can be or even should be controlled,” Joseph Garner, a behavioral scientist at the Stanford University Medical Center, and lead author of the study, told NPR.

 “And maybe instead we should think of them as patients.”

Mice not ‘furry little people’: Researchers rethink animal testing as human trials fail



My best regards to all



SAV Comment –

Mark (SAV Founder), has suffered from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for over 17 years now.  Animals do NOT suffer from MS; only humans.  So, I ask, why then are we doing animal testing to find a cure for MS ? – Is this not like putting a car tyre onto a Boeing 747 and finding out if it can stand so many landings ? – it makes no sense; you test aircraft tyres on aircraft, so why try and find results for human illness by testing on animals ?

An animal trapped for fur will often chew its own leg off to escape the trap and death.  Would a human chew off his own leg and survive ?

A woman who has a hysterectomy is advised not to raise her arms above her head for several weeks.  When my dog was sterilised, we were out in the park playing ball within 2 days !

Animals and humans are not the same – they are very different; their body types are specific to their species.  You cannot find cures to human illness by testing it (or falsely creating it as with MS) on an animal – they react differently and are certainly not duplicate models for the human species.  Anyone who thinks they are  is living in the past.

And yes, animals are still being used to find a cure for MS.  Why does someone not investigate why the human species gets MS and animals don’t.  Is it genetic ? – are there other reasons ? – that would be useful research instead of artificially creating something in an animal that the animal species does not even naturally suffer from in order to find cures for a human only disease.

And yes you have guessed it; we still MS test for MS using animals; and still we have no cure for MS in humans.  I would say that all the time we test on animals we will never find a cure.  Lets go outside the envelope and undertake some proper research which does not involve animal testing but which will be beneficial to human diseases.

I have an illness and want a cure – but the cure does not exist in animals which do not suffer from it in the first place !

As an MS sufferer and someone who wants a cure, I will always speak out AGAINST animal testing for human diseases.  It makes no sense.


Check this out and you will see what I mean:







Meat Is Murder.

The song by ‘The Smiths’ which created more vegetarians in the UK than anything else !

‘The Smiths’ was led by frontman ‘Morrissey’, who you can see in the second video.  Morrissey is a massive animal rights activist / campaigner – and his feelings about meat are reflected in the song.  You can see more Morrissey by visiting the ‘About Us’ tab at the top and scrolling down to the section where videos are shown.  ‘Everyday is like Sunday’ is a good example – great song and the video reflects that anti meat philosophy which he has – here is the video link to save time.

Below – 2 videos of ‘Meat is Murder’ by ‘The Smiths’

Above – ‘Morrissey’, or ‘Mozza’ as we call him in the UK.  Top Man !



Australia: News From Animals Australia.

80,000+ people worldwide speak up for the victims of live export Inspired by compassion, more and more caring people every day are joining the international movement to free animals from live export cruelty.


Exposé sets global live export industry reeling The animals condemned to Europe’s live export trade have had their stories told for the first time. And the results have been explosive… read all about it   


VICTORY! Kellogg says NO to cages The latest win in the fight against factory farming sees food giant Kellogg pledge to free hens from battery cage cruelty. celebrate with us »


Ducks saved from shooting horror Thousands of native waterbirds have been spared from slaughter as the guns are silenced on major Victorian wetlands. get the good news »


VICTORY! Greyhound racetrack scrapped A five-year battle on behalf of man’s best friend has shut down plans to build a new track in Queensland. find out more »



22/4/17 – ‘Earthday’.


Donald Trump – Saviour of the Environment – according to him (and probably only him) anyway !


Today, 22/4/17 is ‘Earthday’.


Whilst much of the world is doing its best to improve the situation, we now have the USA and the utter fool Trump as being the denier of all problems – except for Executive orders killing off wildlife; denying global warming; being angry with China – that is apart from when daughter Ivanka uses it (China) to have all her clothing line made cheaply there for export and then sale in the USA ! – ‘putting America first’ does not really ring true with the Trump family money making priorities –




This guy really needs to learn a few basics about the environment and how with people like him, it can be so easily destroyed.


Americans voted for him; now they need to get him to act; or preferably, take a long walk off a short pier.


Earthday links:
















Maybe Americans should get the dickhead Trump to watch this:





Today may be the most consequential Earth Day ever.


Clean air and water are under attack.

Our public lands are at risk.

Endangered species are on the brink.

Our climate is at a tipping point.

And President Trump isn’t just ignoring the crises around us. He’s making them worse.

The stakes have never been higher — so we’re raising our stakes, too. I’m thrilled to announce a special opportunity to make a huge impact on our fight for the future this Earth Day: If 2,500 NRDC supporters like you donate by midnight on Earth Day — tomorrow night — a generous donor will kick in an extra $100,000 for the environment! This amazing pledge couldn’t come at a better time.

The first three months of Trump’s presidency have brought an onslaught of attacks against the environment:

  • Resurrecting the dirty Keystone XL pipeline

  • Dismantling President Obama’s landmark Clean Power Plan

  • Threatening our oceans with dangerous offshore drilling

  • Lifting the moratorium on new coal leases on public lands

  • Rolling back critical clean car standards

That list only scratches the surface of Trump’s reckless, short-sighted policies, and he shows no signs of slowing down. But we’re in this for the long run — and with so many fights still ahead of us, we can’t leave a $100,000 gift on the table.

Mark, please take the Earth Day Challenge NOW to support NRDC and help fight Trump’s extreme, pro-polluter agenda at every turn!

Simply put, this administration threatens our most fundamental environmental resources, essential to life on Earth: Water that is safe to drink. Air that is clean to breathe. Lands, rivers, and oceans where wildlife can thrive.

That’s what we’re fighting for — and it’s what you fight for when you stand with NRDC. Your tax-deductible gift will enable us to strike back in court against Trump’s outrageous attacks … hold corporations accountable when they poison our air and water … keep the pressure on our leaders to stand up for the environment … rally thousands of people to march at the upcoming Peoples Climate March … and defend our environment on all fronts.

But none of that can happen without you. Chip in today so we can hit our urgent goal of 2,500 NRDC donors and unlock this $100,000 Earth Day gift. Thank you for everything you do for wildlife, the climate, and future generations — on Earth Day and every day.

Sincerely, Rhea Suh President, NRDC


Check out loads of campaigns and actions at:




Trump Sued for Revoking Protections for Wolves, Bears in Alaska

Read more.

Public Records Sought on Dow’s Efforts to Pressure Trump Administration Over Pesticides, Endangered Species

U.S. Sen. Barrasso Reintroduces Bill to Ramp Up Logging, Reduce Protections for Endangered Species on National Forests

Scientists to March Against Trump’s Alternative Facts, Climate Denial

Newsroom — More Press Releases



There’s never been a better Earth Day to speak up for the wild. This year — thanks to a group of amazing volunteers — the Center for Biological Diversity will be tabling at more than 100 Earth Day events in all 50 states. We’ll have petitions to sign, advice on actions to take and pre-stamped postcards you can send to your member of Congress urging protection for endangered species, our climate and public lands.

On the first Earth Day since the election of Donald Trump, take a moment to make your voice heard.

Come find at one of these exciting events on Saturday, April 22.