Bear Bile Farming – Videos of Free Rescued Bears and Also Those Still Suffering.

Please copy and crosspost – show the world this disgusting abuse of animals.

We will support Jill and the work of ‘Animals Asia’ always, to expose and present to the world the disgusting abuse of beautiful bears used in the production of bear bile.

The following videos are good and bad – they show bears that have finally been freed from bile farming; and one also shows undercover work to expose several bile farms which openly operate.  It is disgusting to see animals caged in this way – please copy and send these videos or this post to all your contacts – thank you – SAV.


Until all the bears are free from the horrors of bile farming.  Love and mega respect to Jill and the team.


Moon bear who suffered 10 years in a tiny cage loves swimming in a big pool.

Moon bear Popeye, was one of nearly 40 bears Animals Asia rescued in 2015 from bear bile farms across Vietnam’s Quang Ninh province – home to tourism hotspot Halong Bay.

Undercover Expose of Bile Bear Farming

In Vietnam, there are almost 2,000 bears being held in captivity on bile farms. Journalist Adrian Baschuk goes undercover to see these farms first hand, and also visits a sanctuary rehabilitating these horribly mistreated animals.

Shandong Rescues

In April 2010 Animals Asia travelled to Shandong province to rescue 10 bears from a bear bile farm. The rescue made Shandong the 20th province to become bear farm free.





























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