England: Comfortably Numb.

Above – the original Floyd version from ‘Dark side of the Moon’

Dave Gilmour – Band member.


David Gilmour – Older and just as brilliant – One of the Greatest Guitar Solos Of All Time – Comfortably Numb Live in New York

Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd – Instrumental Harp Guitar/Electric (end solo) – Jamie Dupuis



UK: Terrible Election Result For Conservatives Probably Means That Hunt Ban Is Secure Long Term.

Well it has been absolutely disastrous for the Conservative Party to hold a (national) election.  PM Mrs May wanted to increase her majority so that she could move forward into Brexit negotiations next week with a strong majority.  Instead she scored a huge own goal and actually lost many MP’s – not because of Brexit but because the British public could not stand some of her new (proposed) policies




A return to a free vote (as wished by Mrs May) in the House to bring back hunting was one such topic.  As a result of this self inflicted own goal – (she did not have to have an election for another 3 years) – Mrs May’s future as the Prime Minister is now in doubt.


See the following article from the Telegraph – which is one of the most Conservative supporting newspapers in the UK:




So hopefully with all this trouble and now less MP’s rather than more (to try and get a hunting supportive majority); it now looks as if hunting will remain banned and that the ‘Vinny’ campaign by the LACS was effective.






See here what the ‘League Against Cruel Sports (LACS)’ views on it all are:


On what is quite a remarkable day for British politics, we just wanted to say thank you.

As someone who cares about animals, you have played a major role in this election campaign.

If you Voted for Vinny to contact your candidates, you were one of many who made sure that those standing for election knew exactly how strong feeling is on our key issues. In fact, around 85,000 emails were sent to candidates! Many of those candidates told us that they received more communication about hunting than any other issue.

Vinny himself toured the country from one end to the other. We understand that some people didn’t really like the campaign – all the best campaigns are a bit ‘Marmite’ in that they are loved or hated! – but it did enable us to reach out to people beyond our normal supporter base. The more people who understand how vile hunting really is, the more will join us in ensuring that it is never made legal again.

Alongside the Votes for Vinny campaign we continued our usual work in the media and in Parliament. Our polling showing that 84% of the public are opposed to legalising fox hunting was published everywhere. We know that some pro-hunting candidates publicly switched their position, potentially because of this work.

We also commissioned a poll which showed that half of all voters would switch their vote to a candidate of another party if the local candidate from their preferred party was pro-repeal. That’s quite a devastating figure when you consider how close the election was. This information will help us understand the scale of the threat against the Hunting Act.

Other polling showed that hunting was one of the most talked about issues of the entire election, second only to social care. Hunting was truly a hot topic, and I firmly believe the League can take a lot of credit for keeping it in the public eye.

But to the future – what will the election result mean? Honestly, we don’t know yet!

There is a chance that hunting has become so toxic that no government will touch it for a while. But there is also the threat of an attempt to re-write environmental legislation – including the Hunting Act. Meanwhile, the hunters who continue to defy the law will be out and about– starting with cub hunting season in just a few weeks.

Our work continues, and we continue to rely on your support. This election could be a turning point for animals. But there is so much more we can achieve together in bringing cruel sport to an end –who knows what mountains we can climb.

So once again, from Vinny and all the other animals you’re helping – thank you!