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Some Important Petitions Which Need Your Voice – Please Take Action.

Elite Farm Services


SAV Comment – If these are ‘elite’ then what are the rest like ?

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Workers at a chicken factory were reportedly caught mangling, stomping, sexually abusing and smashing live chickens against walls. The video footage obtained by an undercover volunteer apparently showed these horrific acts of cruelty. Please sign this petition to demand that the factory be shut down and the employees severely punished, if found guilty.

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Laos: The Tiger Meat Farms Must Go!


Many people think of the small Southeast Asian country of Laos as paradise on Earth, but for many of our four-legged friends it is truly nothing but hell.

In a recent report Laos was singled out as one of the worst countries participating in the wildlife farming industry. Where small ramshackle cages filled with tigers and other endangered animals await their fate. Usually that means they will end up on a tourist plate.

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Air France ship Primates to Labs – Take Action.


You’ll be shocked and appalled to learn about secret monkey shipments on Air France passenger flights that we’ve discovered.


The monkeys were flown 5,979 miles from Mauritius to Paris, where they were held for a further nine hours, before being flown 4,138 miles to Chicago. Their ordeal lasted over 37 hours

Tragically, the monkeys were destined for Charles River Laboratories, a company that profits from carrying out cruel poisoning tests on animals.

While holidaymakers were enjoying their flight in comfort, they would’ve been totally unaware of the suffering just below their feet. 120 monkeys, torn from their families and imprisoned in small wooden crates, were suffering in the dark and noisy cargo hold.

Air France are the only European passenger airline still transporting monkeys for research. This must stop!

Action –  please use your voice to help end this suffering.


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Video footage –


Note this footage is from France and Spain.  

Foie Gras is not allowed to be produced in the UK on animal cruelty grounds, but is imported as a so called ‘delicacy’ by selected stores.  The aim of this petition is to demand that the UK bans the importation of all Foie Gras.


Foie gras is a ‘delicacy’ made from the diseased liver of ducks or geese who have been repeatedly force-fed.  Animal Equality investigations in France and Spain have revealed the extreme suffering that millions of ducks and geese endure on foie gras farms

Please sign the petition demanding a UK import ban on foie gras.

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Thank You – SAV.





UK: UK Tells Animal Killing Climate Change Denier To ‘Stay At Home’.


Donald Trump state visit: Timing now in doubt after President ‘voices protest fears’

The President does not want to visit the UK until the public supports him, sources say

Donald Trump has reportedly told Theresa May that he does not want to visit the UK soon for fear of large-scale protests against him.

Ms May invited Mr Trump to Britain seven days after his inauguration. Now he apparently wants to wait until the British public supports him coming.

The US President made the admission in a recent phone call to the Prime Minister, a Downing Street adviser who was present for the call told The Guardian. The aide said Ms May seemed surprised.

Mr Trump – never a favourite among British voters – stoked outcry in recent weeks for attacking London Mayor Sadiq Khan in the wake of terrorist attacks in the city.

The President ridiculed Mr Khan’s calls for calm, and later condemned the Mayor’s “pathetic excuse” for his statements.

The comments drove even Ms May to say that Mr Trump was “wrong”. Some MPs – and Mr Khan himself – suggested she cancel Mr Trump’s visit to the UK.

“Show some bottle please PM,” David Lammy, senior Labour MP, tweeted. “Cancel the state visit and tell Trump where to get off.”

Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, has also expressed his support for cancelling the trip.

A spokesperson for Ms May, however, told Reuters that “the Queen extended an invitation to President Trump to visit the UK and there is no change to those plans”.

British police stopped sharing intelligence with the US about the Manchester terrorist attack after photos of the investigation were leaked to the media.

The Foreign Office was also reportedly upset with Mr Trump’s decision to remove the US from the Paris climate agreement.

Mr Trump did not visit the UK on his first foreign trip as President, choosing instead to visit Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the Vatican. He also attended summits in Italy and Belgium. The White House recently announced that his next foreign trip will include a visit Poland.

Businessman Woody Johnson has been named as the new US ambassador to the UK, but the President has yet to formally nominate him.

The Independent has contacted the White House for comment.




Baby leatherbacks in Costa Rica are unable to break free of their nests due to sand so hot and dry that is like concrete.

Breaking – Mixed messages from Yulin dog meat festival.


“Global Warming – Its Invented”.

Well read this Trump, you dickhead !


A pregnant green sea turtle returns to the Hawaiian nesting beach where she was born to find it completely inundated.

Baby leatherbacks in Costa Rica are unable to break free of their nests due to sand so hot and dry that is like concrete.

A Kemp’s ridley turtle desperately looks for a place to lay her eggs but she is blocked by a sea wall on the Texas coast.

The climate change threats to endangered sea turtles are real.

Join us in the fight to protect sea turtles from climate change.

With your support, we will:

·       Oppose “climate mitigation” projects in the Gulf of Mexico that could keep mother sea turtles from nesting beaches, such as the nightmarish Ike Dike, a massive sea wall along our coast that would impact critical Kemp’s ridley turtle habitat.

·       Spearhead efforts to re-establish a nesting colony for Hawaiian green sea turtles, creating a second beachhead to guard against sea level rise at their primary nesting site.

·       Mobilize thousands of activists to defend national laws that reduce carbon emissions and fight against oil and gas drilling projects in our oceans.

Together over the past 25 years, we’ve stared right into the eyes of some formidable opponents to protect the sea turtles – international trade organizations, powerful governments, and vested fishing interests. And we’ve won real change.

Please make a tax-deductible gift today to help give sea turtles a fighting chance against climate change.


Peter Fugazzotto, Strategic Programs Director Turtle Island Restoration Network

Turtle Island Restoration Network PO Box 370, Forest Knolls, CA 94933 415.663.8590



Canada: Painted Lady Butterflies To Grace Alberta With Rare Migration.

Breaking – Mixed messages from Yulin dog meat festival.




Painted Lady butterflies to grace Alberta with rare migration

Throngs of the soft pink beauties have begun epic trip north

A rare kaleidoscope of painted-lady butterflies will invade Alberta this summer, during an epic migration that only happens every 10 to 15 years.

It’s been a dozen years since the province was last inundated with the dainty insects.

“We get used to migrating birds coming north and south every year like clockwork, but some butterflies are not like that at all,” said John Acorn, a naturalist known as the Nature Nut.

“And the painted lady is a great example.”

The colourful butterflies breed in the southern United States, parts of Mexico and Central America.

Their migration into Canada is dependent on weather conditions and the health of those southern populations, said Acorn, a professor with the department of renewable resources at the University of Alberta.


‘We expect to see our fill’ 

“As the population grows, the butterfly population becomes more migratory and they just stream north,” Acorn said. “The bigger the population, the stronger the migration.

“We generally see a couple every year, but this year we expect to see our fill.”

The painted lady is easily identified by pointed, salmon-pink wings, with intricate dark markings and row of five eyespots on the outer edges of the hind wing.

“The painted lady is more pinkish-orange but the butterflies that are arriving now are a little bit faded,” Acorn said. “They’ve flown who knows how many hundreds, if not thousands of kilometres, so they’re not looking their best.

“The butterflies that emerge in July will be much snappier looking.”

Taking flight

It’s not known exactly how many of the insects are expected to fly into Alberta this summer. But there will be ample opportunities to catch a glimpse of them before they fly south again or perish in the cold, said Acorn.

The butterflies arriving now will be laying their eggs on thistle flowers in a few weeks.

“I don’t know how long they’re going live, maybe a month or two if they’re lucky,” Acorn said of the butterflies soon to emerge from cocoons.

“There is some suggestion that they migrate south again at high altitudes before winter so it may be that they get out of here before it gets really ugly, although I have seen painted ladies into October and they didn’t seem to get that this is Alberta and they should get out.”



China: Very Mixed Massages As To What Exactly Is Happening At Yulin.

Regarding our very recent post:


There is a great deal of rumour and counter rumour as to what exactly the real truth is regarding the Yulin festival this year.


As you will see from the many links we have provided in the above (link), much of the press and AW organisations are under the impression that the Yulin festival will be much tighter controlled this year. 

But we have been informed by Animals Asia who are based in the region that things may not be as good as publicised.  Please read the following statement from them.  We are desperately attempting to getmore info, but it is difficult regarding the location and authorities involved.  We do place a lot of belief in what AA are saying, although we desperately hope that this is incorrect

If we do get any further updates then we will be publishing on this site – SAV.



From Animals Asia –

Rumours that dog meat sales would be banned in the run up to this year’s Yulin dog meat festival have been denied by the city authorities.

Last month, rumours began circulating that this year’s Yulin dog meat festival would not be allowed to take place due to a government ban on the sale of dog meat in the week leading up to the summer solstice.

However, on the day the ban was rumoured to begin, the Beijing News reported that the Yulin city authorities had denied the existence of any dog meat ban.

Speaking to the paper, staff from the Yulin Publicity Department of the Municipal Committee claimed the event is not authorised by the government and therefore they have no right to call it off.

They also confirmed that the city authorities did not publish any policy on a dog meat ban and did not know where the rumours had originated.

The people of Yulin eat lychees and dog meat to celebrate the summer solstice. The celebration was briefly formalised by the authorities as the Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat Festival in order to boost the local economy, but due to both internal and international condemnation, the government distanced themselves from the event in 2014.

Since losing official backing, the event has continued as an informal activity.

This year, rumours claimed the ban would begin on 15 June and continue until either 21 or 22 of the same month. In 2017, the summer solstice falls on 21 June.

Animals Asia has spoken to sources in Yulin who have reported that dog meat traders in the city’s Dongkou market were publicly selling dog meat on 15 June, as they do every day.


Animals Asia’s Cat and Dog Welfare Director Irene Feng said:

It seems likely there will not be an overt ban on dog meat sales in the city of Yulin during this year’s summer solstice. However, we do believe that the government has had enough and wants to end the global association of Yulin city with the minority practice of eating dog meat.

“The will may be there – but as long as dog meat eating is legal in China it is difficult for any one locality to issue its own ban.

“It’s possible that this year the Yulin government did indeed try to implement a soft ban and issued it verbally, but due to the leak their intentions to be discrete were made more difficult.

 “In any event, what the situation crystalises is that the international attention given to Yulin for one week of the year is becoming a distraction from the much larger issue of the dog meat trade’s activities every single day of the year across the country. That is the real issue and it requires a consistent and holistic approach – it can’t be solved in a week.”


Reports of the number of dogs slaughtered during the summer solstice in Yulin vary wildly and should be treated with caution but most observers put the number between 1,000 and 10,000.

In contrast, the dog meat trade is estimated to be responsible for the deaths of 10 million canines a year across the entire country.

A long-term Animals Asia investigation into the dog and cat meat trade in China found widespread illegality and public health concerns. The investigation, released in 2015, found no evidence of any large-scale farms, fuelling long-standing accusations that most meat dogs are stolen pets and strays.

Many of these animals are poisoned during capture or have no proof of origin and vaccination histories as required by law – raising serious health concerns.

With so many pets being stolen and inadequate police action taken, vigilante violence has become common with both dog thieves and owners being killed in brutal confrontations across the country.

Animals Asia, via Ya Dong – a consultancy wholly owned and advised by the Hong Kong-based NGO – deploys a holistic approach to ending the cat and dog meat trade which runs year-round.