China: Angry Zoo Shareholders Feed Live Donkey To Tigers As A Protest – Petition – Take Action.


Breaking – Mixed messages from Yulin dog meat festival.




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Target: Cao Jianming, Procurator-General of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate of the People’s Republic of China.

Goal: Demand that the zoo owners who fed a live donkey to tigers be punished to the maximum degree.

Angry shareholders in a Chinese zoo fed a live donkey to tigers as a way to protest a court’s decision they didn’t like. The shareholders stated that they voted in favor of this horrific act because the court froze the zoo’s assets and they were no longer receiving profits. Demand justice for this innocent donkey torn to bits by tigers.

Shocking video footage showed the men pushing the frightened donkey down into the tiger enclosure. The tigers pounced on the donkey almost immediately and mauled it for thirty minutes before it finally died. The shareholders also planned to send a sheep into the enclosure, but zoo officials stopped them in time to save the sheep.

Officials at Yancheng Safari Park issued an apology, stating that they are working on improving their safety standards. They will be holding a meeting to “calm shareholders’ nerves.”

However, this horrific act of cruelty cannot go unpunished. Sign below and demand that these shareholders face legal charges and receive the maximum penalty.



Dear Procurator-General Cao,

A donkey suffered tremendously and died after a zoo’s shareholders fed it to tigers. Video footage showed the donkey resisting while men dressed in red robes forced it into a tiger enclosure. We demand justice for this innocent donkey.

Visitors looked on in horror as the tigers mauled the helpless donkey to death. Per witness reports, it brayed in pain and desperately tried to get away. The shareholders stated that they sacrificed the live animal in protest of the court’s decision to freeze the zoo’s assets.

This poor animal did not deserve to suffer a cruel death in the name of protest. We demand that you bring charges against the men responsible and punish them to the maximum degree.


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Breaking ** – Has Dog And Cat Slaughter At The Yulin Festival Been Cancelled ? – It Currently Appears So.

Breaking 17/6/17 – Mixed messages from Yulin dog meat festival.



If the news is true, which we believe IS TRUE judging all the current press, then this will stop the slaughter of thousands of dogs and cats at the festival which is due to commence on 21/6/17. 

We are so pleased that at long last, China now seems to be really getting it together for the better welfare of animals.  Is this action going to lead the way for a more major ban of the dog meat trade ? – what next – we desperately hope that bear bile farming is next in line for the ban.  China – moving forward with animals – President Trump’s actions for animals ? – we say no more !






We are getting early reports in that the consumption of dog and cat meat at this years Yulin festival, which takes place around June 21st on, has been BANNED

At this moment, information is still mixed, but there is a lot of positive media and publicity which says that a ban could be in place.


What we are told – The ban has been initiated by Mr. Mo Gong Ming, Yulin’s new Party Secretary, and will come into effect on June 15, one week prior to the festival that begins on June 21.


Several animal rights activist groups are saying that vendors and restaurants have been told no dog meat will be allowed to be sold during this year’s festival nor in the days running up to it.


California-based campaign group DuoDuo said they had heard this from “several reliable sources in Yulin”, calling it “a crucial domino on the road to topple the dog meat industry”.

The Humane Society International said that “if this news is true as we hope, it is a really big nail in the coffin for a gruesome event that has come to symbolise China’s crime-fuelled dog meat trade”.

Read lots more from the BBC here –

And read a lot more from international press about the issue – there appears to be a lot of press and media now announcing that a ban is to be imposed at the festival.

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Some of our (SAV) past links to try and get the Yulin ban:


New Zealand: SAFE Campaign Leads To Major Suupermarket Chain Comiting To Phase Out Cage Eggs.

Dear Mark,

The past few months have seen one of the most notable victories in New Zealand animal protection history where our largest supermarket chain, Countdown, has committed to phase out cage eggs.

This game-changing victory for hens is due to your months of tireless campaigning – contacting your supermarket, speaking out on social media, signing petitions and supporting SAFE’s tv campaign. When we asked for your help to free hens from cages, you didn’t just step up, you leapt up! Your determination and compassion has changed the lives of 400,000 hens.

A life of compassion and advocacy begins with an understanding of animals, and a confidence to speak up for them. We are particularly proud of the Safe Animal Squad, our club for children aged 8 – 12 years. More than 300 bright, caring Kiwi kids have already joined, and we are excited to offer them information and a meaningful connection with other club members through a new website created just for them.

Til next time,



Serbia: Yet Another Legal Shelter Facing Threats From Municipal Authority.

This is typical of the problems so many animal welfare organisations in Serbia have with authorities.  They try to do everything correctly and every time the authorities and government just want to threaten them and take further actions, with the constant threat of closing them down and turning animals back onto the streets; or simply taking them and killing them all.

We are being informed of ongoing updates to this situation.  At present we are not becoming directly involved as many supporting groups from Austria, Germany, France, Slovenia and Switzerland are already involved.  We will add out voice if necessary.

Mark – SAV.

Dear Sirs,

I am writing you in the hope that you can help us to realize our rights and protect the rights of those who cannot do it for themselves. We have, since 2013, been running a ”Lassie dog shelter” project, designed as a temporary shelter for the most vulnerable dogs without a home, with no intention at all to work in the field of veterinary and utility services of zoo hygiene or anything similar to that, providing emergency accommodation for dogs instead. In addition to that, we have worked on educating the population and spayed/neutered a large number of privately-owned dogs and cats.

During these four years we have been trying to resolve the administrative part of the whole story, we have finally reached the end, the most disputable moment was that of legalization of facilities, we have submitted complete documentation, paid due fees per square meter of facilities, etc. … In any case, the local government REFUSES to issue us a decision on legalization. As to his political opponent, the president of the municipality has, in public, before witnesses, told me that as long as he was in office, I would not get that decision. It is, directly, an obstruction for me in the process of registering the dog shelter with the Ministry of Agriculture, and he knows it.


On the other hand, he keeps sending a municipal inspector who sends us to a magistrate and that goes on in circles. In this way, the local government hinders us from registering the dog shelter although it meets all the legal requirements and we have paid all the fees.


I am sending you this link so that you know what it is that we do.
Austria, Germany, France, Slovenia and Switzerland have participated in this project, we are the only ones in the Balkans who do this.
The Croats and the Macedonians have similar projects, working with cats, and we are the only ones who work with dogs.

Of course, as it often goes in the province, all the local self-government does about the problem of abandoned animals is either done the way it used to be done back in 1946, or contrary to the Constitution, the law and common sense.


The local government has an unlawful contract with “Avenija MB“, a firm from Vrnjacka Banja which is 700 km away from Bač, to provide veterinary and utility services of zoo hygiene. A large number of animals and a lot of money dissapear. My concern is that I would like our project to succeed, so that three or four years of joint efforts of a number of dog protection associations from several European countries do not, just like that, remain burried under a bunch of bureaucratic negligence and forgotten.

Thank you in advance for any advice or contact details of institutions or persons that could help us. Thank you for your time.

Best regards,

Milica Pinter

Nikole Tesle 14     21428 Plavna Serbia