Introducing ‘Project Coyote’ – USA.




Hi all;

Despite being an Englishman in the UK, I have a massive love and devotion towards the protection of wildlife within the USA.

I have over the years had many great times in the United States; and am especially fond of the South West – Arizona, California, New Mexico, Colorado; Nevada and Utah to name some of my favorite states; much of it still wild and natural as it should be.

I have ventured the Wolf Creek Pass of Colorado – ;

walked amongst the dinosaur footprints near to Barringer crater (Meteor crater) in Arizona –

and been awestruck by the beauty (and climbing – a passion) of Yosemite national park –

I remember with very fond memories experiencing the natural wonders of Arizona when visiting the Sonora Desert Museum in Arizona –

I love anything Wolf, Coyote, Dog, and avidly follow the wonderful works of all the leading US campaign organisations who devote their time and efforts into protecting the wildlife of the United States.

So, despite this site being primarily aimed at helping animals in the European Balkans, I do try and give a little time to the odd post regarding US animal projects which especially aim to protect the wonderful wildlife that you have; very much should always keep for the future and without doubt, should give full respect to- were they not there first ? !

I have just signed up as a pack member of ‘Project Coyote’ which is based in California.  As their logo says, an organisation fostering Co Existence – Project Coyote works to change negative attitudes toward coyotes, wolves and other native carnivores by replacing ignorance and fear with understanding, respect and appreciation. All of our work — through education, science, and advocacy — strives to create fundamental and systemic changes in the ways wild carnivores are viewed and treated in North America.

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Please visit their site – many links given below to learn so much more about this wonderful animal – still wrongly persecuted so much.  You can learn so much more; donate to help campaigning for this much understood animals, and sign up to take part in actions and campaigns organised by the project.

Please do and give what you can to help this organisation.  Only today on the BBC I see that we are now down to the last five (5) white rhinos in the world – they having been persecuted and killed for decades by poachers and hunters out for something to disgustingly hang on the wall, or to make some pathetic ivory carving from the horn.  These creatures will be extinct within a few years – this must not happen to the wildlife of the United States.

Please view the following links and give your utter support to Project Coyote.

There is an excellent shop which you can visit at –

Thanks, and Happy Howling !!