Some Important Petitions Which Need Your Voice – Please Take Action.

Elite Farm Services


SAV Comment – If these are ‘elite’ then what are the rest like ?

Petition link –

Workers at a chicken factory were reportedly caught mangling, stomping, sexually abusing and smashing live chickens against walls. The video footage obtained by an undercover volunteer apparently showed these horrific acts of cruelty. Please sign this petition to demand that the factory be shut down and the employees severely punished, if found guilty.

Petition link –


Laos: The Tiger Meat Farms Must Go!


Many people think of the small Southeast Asian country of Laos as paradise on Earth, but for many of our four-legged friends it is truly nothing but hell.

In a recent report Laos was singled out as one of the worst countries participating in the wildlife farming industry. Where small ramshackle cages filled with tigers and other endangered animals await their fate. Usually that means they will end up on a tourist plate.

Petition link –



Air France ship Primates to Labs – Take Action.


You’ll be shocked and appalled to learn about secret monkey shipments on Air France passenger flights that we’ve discovered.


The monkeys were flown 5,979 miles from Mauritius to Paris, where they were held for a further nine hours, before being flown 4,138 miles to Chicago. Their ordeal lasted over 37 hours

Tragically, the monkeys were destined for Charles River Laboratories, a company that profits from carrying out cruel poisoning tests on animals.

While holidaymakers were enjoying their flight in comfort, they would’ve been totally unaware of the suffering just below their feet. 120 monkeys, torn from their families and imprisoned in small wooden crates, were suffering in the dark and noisy cargo hold.

Air France are the only European passenger airline still transporting monkeys for research. This must stop!

Action –  please use your voice to help end this suffering.


Thank you as always for your support,




Video footage –


Note this footage is from France and Spain.  

Foie Gras is not allowed to be produced in the UK on animal cruelty grounds, but is imported as a so called ‘delicacy’ by selected stores.  The aim of this petition is to demand that the UK bans the importation of all Foie Gras.


Foie gras is a ‘delicacy’ made from the diseased liver of ducks or geese who have been repeatedly force-fed.  Animal Equality investigations in France and Spain have revealed the extreme suffering that millions of ducks and geese endure on foie gras farms

Please sign the petition demanding a UK import ban on foie gras.

Petition link –


Thank You – SAV.





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