Serbia: Great News From Shelter Felix – Argos Was Thought To Have Lost His Sight; But Now His Left Eye Vision Has Returned After Treatment !

We have some great news from Shelter Felix. 

See our recent post below – do you remember that everyone was informed that Argos had lost his sight and was completely blind ? – well there is some great news – the large hematoma behind his left eye has greatly reduced in size and as a result he has his left eye vision returned ! – that is wonderful news – he can see !


Argos is still under treatment, he’s being given injections at the vet’s every day while two different kinds of eye drops are being used locally. The vet is very satisfied with the kitten’s recovery, as a huge hematoma behind his eyes has reduced in size, his left eye’s totally cleared up now and his broken jaw is healing nicely. Unfortunately, his right eye is lost forever.

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