UK: Bill To Stop Live Animal Exports From The UK Once It Leaves The EU Is Approved Without Opposition – Great News.

More positive action in the House of Commons to ban live animal exports from the UK once it leaves the EU.

Teresa Villiers (Conservative Member of Parliament) introduced a ten minute bill into the House of Commons asking to ban Live Animal Exports for slaughter or further fattening as soon as we leave the European Union.

She confirmed that all attempts to do this over the years since the 1970’s had failed due to EU free trade rules.

She covered people’s concerns over the World Trade Organisation which controls trade even once we leave the EU. This organisation has written into its rules that trade can be stopped if it effects the general publics  morals and already things like seal skins, dog fur, cat fur, ivory etc where coming under these rules and countries were banning the import of such items.


We thank Teresa and other supporters of this Bill, which passed and is now heading forward to its second reading – The bill went through unopposed and the second reading is to be on the 2nd February 2018.

Hopefully, the UK taking positive moves for action when the EU does not give a toss.  Yet another reason why the people of the UK voted to leave the EU.



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