Greenpeace News – Campaign Victory !

Hi Mark, 

Together we took on the world’s largest tuna company and won!

With your help, we confronted Thai Union at sea, on land — in every continent it operates, and took the fight directly to its headquarters in Thailand as only Greenpeace can do.

This is good news for turtles and sharks, sea birds and tuna. It is also great for hundreds of thousands of workers at sea, many of whom have been victims of horrendous working conditions and human rights abuses.

You signed petitions, shared with your friends, and demanded that supermarkets carry better products, and it paid off.

Thai Union, the owner of global brands like Chicken of the Sea, Mareblu, Petit Navire, and Sealect, has committed to real changes that will help make its supply chains safer for both our oceans and workers at sea.

Thai Union now joins the likes of Greenseas and John West Australia as seafood companies that you’ve taken on and won against! 

This is a huge win for people power – but the fight doesn’t end today. While Thai Union’s commitments are substantial, we must keep the pressure on. We must monitor Thai Union’s progress to ensure compliance and we must expand this fight to the rest of the out-of-control seafood industry.

Here are three things you can do right now to help mark this momentous occasion:

  1. Share this video to show your friends and family what people power can do. 

  2. Chip in to help take the fight to the broader seafood industry and support all of our campaign work.

  3. Read and share our International Executive Director Bunny McDiarmid’s inspiring blog about how this moment was 10 years in the making.


Thanks to your hard work, Thai Union is going to reduce its dependence on fishing methods that kill sharks and turtles, scale up its reliance on more sustainable fishing methods, and work to ensure all vessels in its supply chains are living up to strict standards for workers.

Not only that, the company will increase transparency so you can find where tuna was caught and which fishing method was used. It will also allow for independent observers and auditing on its vessels to help address human rights abuse at sea.

These are major changes that set a new standard for the seafood industry. But it is up to us to demand that other companies act immediately. Can you help build on this momentum and support all of Greenpeace’s important work?


For far too long, the seafood industry has profited off destruction and human rights abuses. This victory shows that people power can change the biggest seafood companies, but we need to keep up the fight.

Your work got us this far. Let’s continue the fight to protect our oceans in the years to come. We are winning!


Graham Forbes
Global Seafood Markets Leader, Greenpeace



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