Serbia: Azra Has A Cancer, But Needs Funds To Sort It – Please Help – See Below.


PLEASE read the story about Azra, so heartbreaking.  Azra doesn’t deserve this, so PLEASE anyone who might help her to continue the therapy, do it!

We have to win this battle together!


The Story

This is Azra, the beautiful girl whose ‘owner’ obviously does not care too much about her because he allowed her to come to this situation, and the situation is following: the carcinoma of the vagina whose type we still do not know because it requires a departure to vet clinic in Belgrade, after the suggestions of the veterinarians in Bor where Azra lives, and the pathohistology has to be done.

What the veterinarian suggests is a quality surgery of an experienced surgeon, which again requires a visit to Belgrade, and for which there is no money.

Jovan Joja Cvetkovic took over the dog as soon as he found out about her, since ‘the owner’  does not want to do anything about her, moreover, after  her cancer appeared he completely abandoned her and left her on her own.

I am asking you  that we all together help Joja and AZRA  to win this battle, not to give up on her without even trying. At least we owe it to Azra and him. By going to Belgrade and hopefully being operated, Azra has already begun receiving therapy in Bor with cytostatics, which costs a lot.

HELP for paying the treatment and Azra’s departure to Belgrade and eventual surgeries is more than welcome!

It is going to be hard and expensive according to vet, but AZRA deserves to live!



To see more pictures and donate to help, please go to:





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