The Cow That Would Not Stop Crying – Separation For A Pint Of Milk – But Intervention Finally Re Unites Them.

Don’t support this cruelty by drinking cows milk:

In all my years doing live export campaign work; the thing that used to get to me the most was witnessing truck loads of baby calves destined for the veal farms of Europe.  You could hear the transporters often before you actually saw them, such was the noise of hundreds of baby calves desperately bellowing for their mothers.  They would never see them again – such was the human want for veal steaks and money.

That is why I gave up meat a long, long time ago and turned to a cruelty free diet – I cannot support the dairy industry or anything that involves meat production.  To me it is all an industry of cruelty and animal exploitation in return for a financial result.

Some will think I am stupid for what I do and that is fine by me.

In my opinion, when those same folk have heard it, seen it and smelled it then they can criticise me, but not before.  They are the kind who just want to turn the other way and try to pretend that there is nothing wrong.

Well, in my opinion, they are the ones who are wrong.

There is something desperately wrong with the whole animal farming process.

Below is one of hundreds of photos I took of calf transporters going through Dover port in England.

Click on the image to enlarge it and you will see the tongues of many calves licking the bars of the transporter.  They are trying to get milk as they would naturally from their mothers.  They would endure this for another 8-10 hours before they arrived at Dutch veal farms where they would be given a cheap and crappy milk substitute to drink.  They would never taste their own mothers milk ever again.  Now confined to a crate and waiting for death in the name of veal in 6 months or less.

That is why I don’t do milk or meat – cows milk is for baby cows, not humans.

Other images below form part of the investigation reports into calf exports submitted to the EU.

With thanks to friends at PMAF.  See more about this at ‘About Us’ – tab at top of page.










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