Germany: Guest Article From Venus – “Do not forbid yourself anything – Do not let anyone forbid you anything.”



“Do not forbid yourself anything – Do not let anyone forbid you anything.”

A week ago, I read this sentence on an Austrian web page, it came from a carnivore, who had spoken about “food culture”.

To this saying I have a few thoughts: Meat eating and the torture associated with it, have nothing to do with culture or with “life value”. To build a discussion at this level, shows just how primitive, asocial, and less intelligent the commentators are. After the numerous undercover investigations by experienced animal rights activists on the medieval conditions that still prevail in the animal factories, both the stupid and the unscrupulous should have stopped eating animals. But that is not the point.


The dark side of meat is the political side.

The infantile slogan for flesh eating: ” Do not forbid yourself anything – Do not let anyone forbid you anything”, is the reduction of human freedom on the primitive level of oral freedom, and the best method of the system to manipulate and fool its useful idiots.

How else could this system have kept his servants satisfied, if it does not persuade them that the freedom to choose between roast pork, foie gras or trout fillets is their hard-won freedom of liberty?


Above – Force Feeding Foie Gras Geese

You must not exceed the speed limits, you must not drive with red, you must not smoke in restaurants … our daily life consists only of prohibitions, some good, some bad. For this reason alone, one must be an absolute fool, if one thinks that is a free man, because no one can forbid him the flesh eating.


Meat eating is not a private thing, as many claims.

It is the cooperation with meat and milk mafia, with illegal practices in the slaughterhouses, with pigs- and chicken barons, with the multimillionaires of the animal transport mafia, that all is  the problem, and that is a political problem … and a moral one.

All these people are not only the masters of torture and sadism; they are the instances, that enslave the third world with their criminal function, force millions of people into hunger, and last but not least, responsible for the deadly destruction of the planet.   In this case, it is not privacy with whom one cooperates, so it is not a private matter, whether someone eats meat or not;

It is a fact that one cooperates with a fascist system if one supports these corrupt instances.

This ridiculous slogan, ” Do not forbid yourself anything – Do not let anyone forbid you anything” is nothing else but the systematic thought-pace-maker of the system for billions of stupid and submissive citizens, who have no idea of either animal ethics or political freedom and dignity.

Best regards to you and all







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