New Zealand: UPDATE 5/9/17. ‘Fun Day Killings’ for Children Now Cancelled Due To Petition Pressure.

Regarding our recent post and our concerns that this hunt / kill is teaching young children all the wrong things::

VICTORY! Cruel Children’s Possum Hunt CANCELLED!

Thousands of you signed our petition to stop this sickening school possum hunt from happening – and your voices were heard!

Orini Combined School in Taupiri, NZ has announced that the hunt is cancelled.

LFT applauds the decision of the school — where students as young as 5 years old attend — to cancel the cruel killing contest, in which participants were urged to “clean up the possum vermin” for “family fun” and compete for prizes. The school says they will be planning a new fundraiser, instead.

The killing of any being is nothing to celebrate. Not only are such hunts inhumane, but they teach children at a young age not to value life. What’s more, children who commit violent acts toward animals often go on to commit violence against humans, too.

With your help, LFT will continue fighting to end cruelty to all species.

Please donate to support this important work.


Because of compassionate people like you, countless possums have been spared, and the children of Orini school will not be taught to callously kill for fun and prizes.

Thank you for adding your voice to help stop animal cruelty.











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