New Zealand: Stop Sickening School ‘Possum Hunt’ Where Young Children are Encouraged to Kill As A ‘Fun Day Out’.

UPDATE 5/9/17  – Event now CANCELLED Due To Public Pressure.



SAV Comment

Possums were introduced to NZ by humans from Australia in 1837 – wow what a surprise ! – man knows best, introduces a non native species and then years later the same humans call it a ‘pest’.    Some would call it Karma.

Yes they do cause damage to natural flora and some fauna; but we are putting this petition out because of the fact that very young children are being encouraged to hunt and kill animals.

What we ask does this teach young kids about their natural wildlife ?

Does it teach kids to think that killing is a natural way of life? – we find the whole thought process behind this ‘hunt’ very disturbing.  What does this teach kids for the future ?

Stop Sickening School ‘Possum Hunt’ Where Children are Encouraged to Kill


Petition link –

Children as young as 5 years old are urged to kill innocent possums in a sickening fundraiser for Orini Combined School in Taupiri, New Zealand, scheduled for September 29, 2017.

“We don’t care if you trap ‘em or shoot ‘em. it’s all on to clean up the possum vermin in Orini and raise some funds…all welcome to join in the family fun,” reads the twisted event poster.

The barbaric event — for grades 0 through 8 — is horrifically cruel to the possum victims, and also teaches children at a very young age that slaughtering animals is not only OK, but a fun and rewarding activity. The children are even awarded prizes for killing the heaviest possum and the possum with the “best fur.”

Sign the petition demanding that Orini Combined School cancel this horrific event, and instead teach children that animals are not “vermin,” but thinking, feeling beings that deserve respect, not violence. 


Petition link –



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