The restaurant of Venus has today anniversary!



Today, ten years ago, I opened a restaurant.
Up there on the mountain where I live, in the high Black Forest, surrounded only by firs and meadows.
It is not an ordinary restaurant, it is very different from the restaurants we all know:
In the opening hours, in the food variations and especially in the clientele !!
My restaurant is open all week, but the food is served only after 23:00 in the evening.
This has become established, because of the special working conditions of my clients, I knew these conditions from the beginning and that’s why I tried to adapt the meal times to their needs.
My clients are not demanding; Mostly I serve my leftovers or those of my pets. They still seem to like my cooking, because until to this day they never left anything behind.

I don’t know how many they are, I don’t know even who they are.
In the past, they have made it clear to me that they want to remain anonymous.
I had a small, discreet camera installed on a tree for the purpose of getting to know some of them.
When I looked at the pictures after three days, I noticed that almost everyone has understood my slyness and left the restaurant immediately; so it was impossible to identify them.
They wanted to remain anonymous, I respect it.

One night- I’ll never forget it – a customer wanted to introduce himself to me.
It turned out that it was a “she” and not a “he”.
I remember it was a polar night, the thermometer showed -20 Celsius and everything was quiet and fairytale under the full moon.
When I came to the restaurant I could see not only two, not only four (as usual), I could see about ten eyes under the moonlight!!
It was a red fox with her five little ones.
That night she brought her whole family to present all to me.
After this meeting, all other customers remain unknown until this day.

From time to time I get threats from the hunters of the village; they say, they will make a complain to the police.
They claim, that my restaurant does not have a legal work permit !!
Sure, of course! If I had a restaurant where the hunters come to eat my “customers”, then there would be no problem!
I am not afraid and remain loyal to my customers.

The years go by, and the restaurant of Venus is still there!
And my clients, those who will always be unknown to me, my beloved animal companions of the forest, visit my restaurant every evening.
For the 10th anniversary, today, I have two wishes: the first is that I do not lose any of my clients. And the second is, that many people open such restaurants around the world.

Dear all, I wanted to celebrate this day with all of you.