India: Some More Great Ending Videos From Animal Aid Unlimited.

The great thing about AAU videos is that they always start really badly, with suffering animals – but they always finish with those same saved animals looking so great and enjoying life.  Enjoy these stories from AAU.


10 amazing animal rescues!

Oh, to see them in terror, confusion, exhausted from trying to climb out, pull away from the bars, escape the plastic, swim up the walls…these rescues from nearly-fatal situations will fill your heart with unforgettable relief. What would have happened if we HADN’T come to their rescue? The 10 animals you’re about to meet make it crystal clear. If we hadn’t come, these angels would have died where they were. But because of your love and generous help, we saved them.

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Dog’s leg split open from accident

Adrenalin alone must have helped her make it to the field next to the highway where she had been hit by a car. Our ambulance rushed her back to Animal Aid where we brought her in to surgery to try to save her leg. Our surgeon discovered that even though four major muscle groups were torn apart, no major artery or vein had been cut. This was a miracle because otherwise she would surely have bled to death before our rescue team even reached her. Hold on to your heart with this one because Selene’s injury is hard to see. But even though you KNOW she’ll be happy in the end, you’ve just got to see this for yourself.

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India / USA: Introducing ‘Help Animals India’ – Compassion Knows No Boundries.

Help Animals India is a USA non-profit 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to supporting efficient and effective animal protection organizations in India and Nepal.
We strive to put our donors’ contributions to work where they are most needed and can do the most good.

Help Animals India develops close relationships with the NGOs and thereby ensures all donations given are transparent and do the most good. In short, we enable donors to have the confidence their donations are put to the best use!

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Training according to the methods of Cesar Millan: Dog Nikos dies!


Cesar Millan method kills dog

In Fürstenfeldbruck (Germany), a dog owner hired a dog trainer to train her fearfull- aggressiv dog, Nikos. A training that was based on the brutal methods of the violent Cesar Millan, and which paid the dog with his life.

Nikos was originally from Greece, a stray dog. The 74-year-old woman from Fürstenfeldbruck took him over from acquaintances five years ago, when he was still eight months old.

The animal has always been anxious, but at last fearfull aggressive.

The 52-year-old coach was already the fourth coach to train Nikos. He specializes in problem dogs. For weeks he had worked with him, then it came to the submission rite, as a result, Nikos died.

The coach put slings around his neck and muzzle for a submission ritual.
These choking leashes cannot only cause injuries to the air and esophagus, larynx or cervical spine but, as in this case, they can kill as they have no “train stop”.
When the dog went nuts, the dog trainer pulled the dog up on the leash so that the dog kicked his legs violently and screamed terribly until he did not move anymore. The dog suffocated due to too much pressure on the larynx and trachea.
The case against the dog trainer is set after a payment of 2,800 euros and he may continue to train dogs with his torturous methods.

Is not Cesar Millan a dog whisperer?
Many dog ​​trainers rely on the violent methods of Cesar Millan. The self-proclaimed “dog whisperer” works with cruel methods of education, pressure and violence. His goal is to assert himself as a pack leader and to make the dogs docile by intimidating methods. This has nothing to do with “dog whispering”.

He recruits to save even dangerous dogs and to put them down. However, with his training methods in the long run, he does just the opposite. Through his coercive and punitive techniques such as kicks in the kidney area, strangulation by train collars, use of spiked collars and electric shock collars he tries to make the animals docile. With loud hisses he scared the stressed four-legged friends in addition. Many of them fall into a so-called “learned helplessness”. Above all, the biggest danger of these terrifying methods is that the dogs begin to defend themselves from their fear. He turns terrified dogs into ticking time bombs (Video in the link).

How do I recognize a good dog trainer?
Good dog trainers always work with positive reinforcement. The animals are never yelled at, and they never work with physical violence. Also, a linen print, a choke collar or spiked collar are “no-go” education methods.
The animal friend should never lose the fun of learning. Even social contacts with other conspecifics should not be a taboo in the dog school. An introductory appointment should be offered by every good dog school.
Do you rely on your gut feeling when choosing a dog school, does your four-legged friend feel well? Does he like to visit the dog school and enjoy learning and with his fellow species?

Then you can be sure that you have chosen the right dog school!

Translation: Venus

Spain: Elephant Killed After Circus Truck Overturns on Highway During Move To New Venue.

Elephant Killed After Circus Truck Overturned on Highway Illustrates the Problem With These Shows

Life for an elephant forced to perform circus tricks is far from natural. These gentle giants are bound by chains and shipped like cargo from location to location. Circus employees tie heavy chains around the elephants’ ankles to limit their ability to move, preventing them from lying down or even having social interactions with other elephants. As you can imagine, transporting wild animals is dangerous for not only the animals themselves but also the people around them.

In yet another wreckless circus accident, a circus truck carrying five elephants in Spain was recently overturned on a motorway.

One elephant has been pronounced dead after they rolled off the road and into a ditch, Sky News reports. The four surviving elephants stood over their friend’s body. Elephants are highly intelligent creatures and will often mourn the death of a fellow elephant. 

The motorway was closed off for two hours while fire personnel and concerned drivers tried to help.  

Two of the elephants involved in the wreck suffered large cuts to their faces and legs. Is an hour of the circus really all that fun when you consider the expense animals have to pay?

The injured elephants are being treated by veterinarians in a public facility and from there, they will be moved to a clinic.

This latest incident is just another example of why circuses that force wild animals to perform are highly unethical and dangerous for all involved.

“This terrible incident symbolizes all that is wrong with the use of animals in traveling circuses,” said Animal Defenders International President Jan Creamer. “Instead of a life in the wild, these incredible animals are being carted around the country, confined and forced to perform.

Please don’t visit a circus with animals and help stop their suffering today.”

We hope that the circus involved in the crash has the compassion to send the four surviving elephants to an accredited sanctuary, where they can live out the remainder of their days in peace (another circus in Spain retired their animals to a sanctuary just last year, so it’s possible!).

The growing majority of the public agrees that they don’t want to watch captive animals perform silly tricks. Over 40 countries worldwide have banned the use of wild animals in circuses, including ScotlandIndiaItalyIranIrelandRomania, the U.K, and the Netherlands, so why are we still forcing animals into this horrific life?

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Image Source: The Save Movement/Facebook