Small orphan brown bear “Luigi” rescued in Greece

The photo provided by the bear conservation organization Arcturos, shows the little brown bear Luigi. The animal was found on a road in the mountainous region of Pindos

and was taken by the bear conservation organization Arcturos near Nymfaion.

ATHENS. A Greek car driver has saved the life of a few months old orphaned brown bear. “Luigi” is now being fed by a bear conservation organization.

The animal was found a few days ago on a road in the mountainous region of Pindos in northwestern Greece and was taken up by the bear conservation organization Arcturos near Nymfaion. “The little one is fine now. We have fed him up, “said the spokesman for Arcturos, Panos Stefanou, on Wednesday the German Press Agency.

The little bear already has a name. “He likes to play with balls, so we named him after the name of the famous Italian goalkeeper Luigi,” said Stefanou, looking at Gianluigi Buffon of Juventus.

The wildlife conservation organization released a video of the little Luigi.

Arcturos has saved dozens of bears in recent decades. There are currently 21 bears under the protection of the organization. (AP)

200 Whales Could Be Killed if Iceland Allows Whaling


June 10th, 2018 — that’s Dooms Day for the fin whales off the coast of Iceland.

That’s because, after a two-year respite, Hvalur, inc – the Icelandic whaling company has given notice that it has begun preparations for whaling season and will commence hunting this summer.

Fin whales are an endangered marine mammal, and while some species might be regionally in jeopardy, the fin whale is at risk of being hunted to extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range.

That’s why it is extremely baffling that Iceland, one of the most progressive nations on Earth, would allow one of its companies. Hvalur, Inc is responsible for the agonizing death of countless. The innocent mammals are harpooned, dragged in and then secured to the side of the ship. If they aren’t already dead, they must endure an excruciating trip back to shore before they are finally butchered and sent off to Japan for consumption.

Altogether, some 200 whales could meet be murdered if Iceland doesn’t ban this barbaric practice.

Ask Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir to do what is right. Sign the petition and ask Iceland to put an end to whaling now.