Spain: a documentary to show the fight as it is: with pain, with agony and with death.


Since then the Trailer “Bullfight” on Monday on the Facebook page of the Spanish animal rights organization Libera gone online, it spreads viral!!!.

On April 25, the film premiere of the European tour in Wuppertal will take place.

Iago Prada is the director and producer, a studied filmmaker as well as an activist who has been engaged in constant learning about the planet throughout his life.


Do not expect a normal documentary. Bullfight is characterized by its objectivity, rawness and high technical quality.

Iago Prada describes his film as follows:

“It is not a documentary that pleases the public, but a documentary to show the fight as it is: with pain, with agony and with death.

And also with applause, with cheers and with pride. With anger, with instinct, for which some animals fight for survival and kill others for fun. “


For the filming, seven film cameras and ten ultra-directional microphones were used in a single pass to capture the sounds of the bull.

The film consciously omits studio-recorded special effects or audios. There is nothing added that could affect the viewer, nothing more than the reality of bullfighting.

The veterinarian of the organization AVATMA, José Enrique Zaldívar, explains the course of the Corrida with total objectivity and only with scientific information from the moment when the bull jumps into the arena until the moment when he is at the end of the mule out of the mules Arena is pulled.

The documentation dispenses entirely with political propaganda, showing nothing but the truth. As a result, many cinemas and animal welfare organizations have censored or rejected the film.

This movie may be the most powerful weapon against bullfighting. – The gate opens, the “Fiesta” begins …

Currently confirmed more than ten screenings, between April and May in different cities and municipalities in Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic.

In Germany these are Wuppertal, Bremen, Hamburg, Berlin, Chemnitz and Freiburg. Further data will be announced via the Facebook account as soon as confirmed.

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