Holiday fun Tiger Selfie. 



Holiday fun Tiger Selfie


Once you shoot a selfie with a predator – Thailand holidaymakers can fulfill this wish in zoos. How much the wild animals are suffering, has revealed our reporter in Tiger Park Pattaya.

See in the video how dangerous the contact with the big cats can be.

After ten days, the tiger babies are taken away from the mother.

The tigers in the Tiger Park Pattaya roam freely, apparently lamb-like.

Every visitor can touch the cats, pet them, take a picture with them.

But how do the animals get so tame?

Animal park operator Rustem Isliamov explains it to reporter this way: “From the tenth day of life on, we train them to deal with the many visitors daily, and that they do not incur or bite them.”

He does not tell the reporter how he trains the tigers.

The Tiger wildlife expert Valeria Goller of the animal welfare organization PETA recounts: “The young tigers are regularly beaten to break their will, and only if they have no will, they can later guarantee a safe handling of the audience. The older ones get medication to keep them calm and docile. And all this works only until the tigers become five years old.

Afterwards they are sorted out and kept in cages for the rest of their live or are or are killed for the “traditional” Chinese medicine”.


The fact that a cat follows their instincts is shown by an incident four years ago in the Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. The 19-year-old Isabelle Brennan was attacked by a tiger and seriously injured.

Since the tigers were not kept appropriately and illegally, the authorities closed the tiger temple.

The attitude of the animals in the Tiger Park Pattaya is not species-appropriate, says the wildlife expert.

She wants to turn on the authorities now.

Translation: Venus

Comment: While I was translating the report, I had an idea: the zoo keepers could interrupt the medication for the tigers!

Just as a test, to see if the number of visitors automatically reduces, and if the park closes tomorrow.