For the international abolition of animal experiments.

Animal experiments are often justified by claiming that they were used to develop new medicines for incurable diseases.
In fact, animal experiments usually have no practical reference.
For example, penicillin is well tolerated by humans but harmful to guinea pigs.
Arsenic is deadly to humans, not to sheep!
Asbestos causes cancer in humans, but not in rats!
So: What works for the animal does not work for humans.

Cancer is the most telling example and the strongest evidence of failure of animal studies to fight cancer.
I quote a well-known and characteristic statement of Dr. Richard Klausner, Director of the American National Cancer Institute, USA:

“The history of cancer research is the story of how we treat cancer in mice. For decades we have been treating cancer in mice, but for humans does not work. We could even say that the so-called “animal models” we have produced in the laboratories to fight cancer have proved to be scientific bankruptcy. “

Animal experiments are not carried out for the benefit of man, but because influential interest groups benefit from it.

In particular, there is a whole industry in animal experiments that can benefit greatly from animal experiments: the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, contract laboratories, laboratory animal dealers, companies supplying accessories, all of which have great interest in maintaining animal experiments. Politics and the media are pulled through by this network.

But primarily the lion’s share of profit make the so-called laboratory “researchers”.
They are most interested in continuing animal testing.
For these, the quality of the research is not measured by how many people could be helped, but by the number of publications in prestigious journals. This also depends on the amount of research funding.

Not for the benefit of man.

The German Research Foundation (DFG), which largely funds animal experiments in the area of ​​higher education, received a budget of just under 2.7 billion euros from the state treasury in 2013, that means: from the taxpayer
Today, this budget is higher.
The four million euros of state support for non-animal research are alms in comparison.

In Germany, and according to the 2016 statistics, 2,854,586 experimental animals were tortured unnecessarily (and many were tortured by their lives).
This is the official statistic number.
It does not include how many animals die when transported to laboratories, how many die during reproduction, which is always done under criminal conditions, how many are “unnecessarily” manufactured and are not needed, which is why they are killed. The “dark” number reaches 4 million.

Finally, I should emphasize that the end of animal experiments does not mean the end of scientific research.
On the contrary, without animal experiments, medical research would be far ahead, because the inadequate and incorrect results that result from them inhibit the progress of research.

I think animal testing and ethical medicine and science are mutually exclusive.
Respect and reverence for life must be the highest commandment of human and especially medical trade.
Only in this way can progress in medicine be achieved.

Best regards to all



2 Responses

  1. Well said!!! Goes in my ‘save folder.’

  2. I agree with Venus.After discovery of genomes that differ by species, and individually, it makes no sense to work on animal models.Conclusions are not transferable from one genome to other genomes.

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