Macaca monkeys: efficient agriculture slaves


The animal “staff” is used wherever the palms are too high and the work is too uneconomical or too dangerous for humans.
For macaques closely related to rhesus monkeys, the 6-hour day is worked from 7 to 10 o’clock in the morning and from 2 to 5 o’clock in the afternoon on palm trees up to 25 meters in height.

There are no rewards. Not diligent are whipped in the old slave style.

First of all, the human being gains respect with the same means that a monkey-bob applies: with blows, strangulation on the collar, and threats.

We are talking about the modern slaves, the macaca monkeys of Thailand.

The next time you use coconut milk while cooking, look at the packaging. If they come from Thailand, the nuts were probably picked by monkeys.


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My best regards, Venus


3 Responses

  1. The unconsciousness of humans doesn’t have borders. One more, I’m shocked and disgusted.
    And I believe, there isn’t any law to prohibit it… does it?

    • No, dear, Claudine!
      Given the fact that the now immense coconut industry makes about 2.2 billion dollars in sales, say a little less than 1.9 billion euros, the welfare of monkeys seems to be rather negligible.
      To avoid the involuntary participation in the exploitation of the macaques, you should rather keep your hands off the products made from coconut.

      Best regards for you

      • Thank you Venus. I wish there was at least one brand of these products “full of consciousness”… but I guess it’s really difficult. I try to buy 0-km, fairtrade, Max Havelaar a.s.o. but with big industries like Nestlè putting their dirty fingers allover the world, is becaming more and more difficoult.
        Where will be the humankind in another 20 years?
        That’s a big question. I guess we will blow in the air because of some idiot making jokes, and plays war in the button’s chamber.
        Hugs :-)c

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