We Have All Seen The Utmost Suffering Of Dogs At Yulin – Now The Pathetic FCI Allows China To Hold The World Dog Show In 2019 !!! – Petition Link Included.




Norway has Balls; will others follow ?

FCI petition

SAV comment – we have just had to witness, rage, grimace and express untold anger at the untold suffering inflicted on thousands of dogs and cats at the Yulin ‘festival’; and now we are insultingly informed that China has won the gutless FCI right to hold the World Dog Show in 2019.  Is this an utter insult to Canines or what ?

How pathetic can this be ? – these Chinese government barbarians should be punished for what they have done and what they allowed to happen at Yulin.  At the very least, these pathetics should have this event stripped from them.  Let them learn the hard way; try to teach them to be civilised; a difficult task but you have to agree; but you have to try.

The following petition asks for the event to be taken away from China who will currently be hosting in 2019.  Please support it and spread the word far and wide – thank you.

Petition link – https://www.change.org/p/f%C3%A9d%C3%A9ration-cynologique-internationale-revoke-fci-decision-to-host-wds-2019-in-china-not-yet-ready?recruiter=561015&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=faceboo

Petition wording:

Please say NO to China holding the World Dog Show 2019!

As many of you might know China has won a bid with the FCI to hold the World Dog Show 2019. China’s cruel and inhumane practices towards dogs are unacceptable! Dogs are being tortured by being burned, thrown in vats of boiling water and skinned alive just to end up as a main course on a plate. Despite knowing this fact, the FCI has granted permission for this barbaric country to hold one of the biggest events in the dog owners world. We respectfully ask the FCI to revoke this decision and allow a more compassionate country to hold this event. China does not deserve this extraordinary revenue that will be brought to the country if the event goes ahead!

The FCI should not allow any country that does not respect animal cruelty laws to host such an event. We have the power to change history and protect more innocent creatures from getting hurt! Please help support us to revoke the FCI decision and make the world a better place for our canine friends.

yulin new 3

yulin new 2

yulin dogs

 UPDATE 24/6/15

After the events of Yulin; which all the dog world knew about, apart from the FCI it would appear – or did they want to keep zipped about it all ? – they have, through their ‘President’, issued the following statement.  What’s the point now we say, you FCI should have taken action over this issue weeks in advance, not several days after.  Typical – no use for anything really !!

china dog show leaflet


FCI official statement

A message from the FCI President Mr. Rafael de Santiago

Always attentive to the opinion of the breeders worldwide, we took note of the uproar concerning the attribution of the 2019 World Dog Show to China and to the decision regarding the country of origin of the following breeds : DO-KHYI (230), TIBETAN TERRIER (209), TIBETAN SPANIEL (231), LHASA APSO (227) and SHIH TZU (208).

Whilst we understand the concern expressed by the breeders worldwide about both situations, the FCI wishes to inform that the decision to grant the organization of the WDS 2019 to China was taken by a decision of our General Assembly where 68 countries were present or represented and by a large majority of votes, in total transparency and according to the principles of democracy internationally recognised and accepted.

That decision was made on basis of a very open and complete presentation made by our Chinese member, CKU, during which our Chinese member delegation has clearly mentioned the cultural differences between China and most of the other countries in the world. The FCI sees it as an excellent opportunity to raise awareness among the Chinese population that the dog, our beloved friend, is a member of our families, a living entity and most of all Man’s best Friend. May we add that China won the right to organise this WDS over several other countries, namely Spain, Germany and Croatia, in a clear victory.

In addition, we find it important to clarify that our Chinese member, CKU, is an FCI full member. As such, CKU has the right to ask to be the country of origin of the breeds indicated above. It is important to know that any change in a breed standard can be implemented worldwide if and only if the FCI General Committee, following recommendations of the FCI Standards and Scientific Commissions, approves it.

Nowadays, the FCI is more than ever committed to the betterment and safeguard of the Dog and to promoting its welfare, love and respect in the four corners of the world.

For the FCI and for dogs worldwide.

Rafael de Santiago

FCI President


But following on from this paste over by the FCI, things have started to move on.  The Norwegian Kennel Club (NKC) have been brave enough to come out and declare that they want the World Dog Show 2019 removed from China, and publicly encourage all exhibitors not to attend the WDS2019 in China unless the festival is stopped.

We say Well done Norway and the Norwegian Kennel Club (NKC) ! – lets hope that in the coming days we see a lot more ‘national’ canine organisations come forward and demand that the 2019 show be removed completely from China.

If they do not; you have to ask yourself exactly where their canine standards lie – can they, as ‘national canine organisations’, happily sit by and let thousands of dogs be slaughtered for human consumption in China, or do they follow on from Norway and have the balls to get up and demand that the 2019 show be relocated to a decent nation ? – cos China sure is not decent !!

We watch with baited breath to see if any other ‘national canine organisations’ actually do put themselves or dogs first !.


The Norwegian Kennel Club urges FCI to move the World Dog Show 2019

The recent Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival has been met by strong reactions and protests all over the world, and is symbolic of the lacking animal welfare in China. The Norwegian Kennel Club (NKC) therefore wants the World Dog Show 2019 removed from China, and publicly encourages all exhibitors not to attend the WDS2019 in China unless the festival is stopped.

In conflict with ethical values

The Norwegian Kennel Club board decided, during a meeting June 23rd, to publicly advice all dog owners in Norway not to participate in World Dog Show 2019.

The NKC will also advise all judges in Norway not to accept any invitation to judge in China until the festival is stopped. Any judge accepting invitations to judge in China will be made aware that this is against the wish of the NKC board, and in direct conflict with our ethical guidelines and values.

Urges the FCI to move WDS

The Norwegian Kennel Club has in a letter to the FCI of June 23 expressed a strong wish to have the World Dog Show 2019 moved, unless the Yulin Dog Meat Eating festival is stopped. 

The Norwegian Kennel Club also encourages all national kennel clubs to both advise dog owners in their countries against participating in WDS2019 in China, and to express their wishes to have the World Dog Show 2019 removed from China.

The World Dog Show is to be a celebration of dogs.

The Norwegian Kennel Club therefore cannot accept that the WDS is given to a country where animal abuse takes place, and now urge the FCI to immediately take action regarding the matter.

Well done Norway – we at SAV are behind you 110% !


End of Update 24/6.

 china dog show leaflet

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