Austria: “Serbia carries the animal protection to the grave”


Protest in front of the Serbian Consulate in Salzburg – the report!


Now it was finally time – our protests against the incomprehensible brutality in Serbia animals have now taken physical form!

A dozen weather-proof animal rights activists gathered in front of the consulate in Salzburg to make a first statement with a spectacular rally!


‘Welcome to my paradise’, that’s his words! Therefore, we also brought our coffin, decorated with the words “Serbia carries the animal protection to the grave” (!!!) in front of the consulate.

Whether the rally on the consulate staff made a lasting impression, this question does not arise; it can safely be answered with “yes”, as evidenced by the fact that employees filmed the events through the windows – probably on behalf of “above”;

And this is exactly the reason for joy, because that alone the actual order of the demo seemed to have been reached: the message will be passed on, the ‘right people’ will talk about it!


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My comment: It is undisputed that Serbia occupies a bad place in animal cruelty.

Serbia is not in the EU.
And certainly the extent of animal cruelty to animals – especially stray animals – will not be decisive for whether Serbia joins the EU or not.

Because then the EU should also reject the accession to countries like Greece, Romania or Spain, or, for the same reason, they should have shouted out of the EU.

Countries like Serbia are many in the EU and have not gotten better because they joined.

The Respect Animals Association claims that the actual message of the demo seemed to have been reached, but if the purpose of the activists was to make it clear to the Serbian government that there is no accession without animal welfare, the association must consider, what the EU Commissioners are say to the animal welfare law: It is a matter of the country!

Although demos in front of the consulate are therefore also a very good source of information for the public, they are not a strong pressure against the accession of Serbia to the EU.

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UK: Snares and why they should be banned in the UK.


Snares and why they should be banned in the UK.

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England: Fox cubs ‘fed’ to South Herefordshire hunting hounds – Court Case In Progress.

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Photo – Mark (SAV / WAV)

Fox cubs ‘fed’ to South Herefordshire hunting hounds

A man and a woman have admitted causing unnecessary suffering to fox cubs at a hunting kennels.

Birmingham Magistrates’ Court heard the cubs were “fed” to hounds belonging to the South Herefordshire Hunt.

Julie Elmore, 55, of Brynarw estate near Abergavenny, and Paul Reece, 48, from Itton, in south Wales both admitted two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

Three others deny the same charges.


Opening the case against the hunt’s master of hounds Paul Oliver, kennel maid Hannah Rose and terrierman Nathan Parry, prosecutor Simon Davis said: “The unnecessary suffering involved the killing of fox cubs, effectively feeding the animals… throwing the fox cubs into the kennels of the fox hounds, thereby killing them.”

The court was told a hidden camera was placed at the kennels by the Hunt Investigation Team after it received information animal welfare legislation had been allegedly breached in May 2016.

Mr Oliver, was caught by the covert camera as he prepared to feed live fox cubs to the dogs, the court heard.

Mr Davis alleged the camera provided “significant” evidence against Mr Oliver, including footage which he claimed showed him lifting fox cubs out of a cage and entering the kennels.

Mr Parry, 40, also of Brynarw estate, denies four charges of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

Mr Oliver, 40, and Ms Rose, 30, both of Sutton Crosses, near Spalding, Lincolnshire, also deny four counts of animal cruelty.

Sara-Lise Howe, acting for Ms Rose, said: “She was not involved and did not cause the death of the foxes.

“She simply didn’t know about it.”

Clive Rees, representing Mr Oliver, submitted there was no evidence whatsoever to show he killed two of the foxes which are the subject of the charges.

Mr Oliver claimed to have used an axe to kill foxes and denied throwing the animals to the hounds.

Elmore and Reece, will be sentenced at a later date.

The trial continues.