Petitions for Dogs – Please Support Them All.

Some petitions to give your support to – they DO make differences, as we have shown before –

In the city of Gimpo, South Korea, something horrifying is happening. Dogs are being forced into cramped metal cages covered in feces,  then tortured and killed for meat.

Add your voice to help save their lives!

Lady Freethinker is already sponsoring 2 bus ads in the city urging residents not to eat dog. And soon, the petition urging the mayor to ban these horrific dog meat farms will be delivered in person by Nami Kim of partner organization Save Korean Dogs.


Sign now to help shut these horrendous dog farms down for good.

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Woman Accused of Kicking and Stomping on Dog Must be Punished

Target: Craig Stedman, District Attorney for Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Goal: Punish the mother who allegedly instructed her child to abuse a dog.

A dog was injured after he was allegedly stomped on and kicked. Disturbing video footage apparently showed the suspect kicking the dog and then instructing her child to follow her example. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

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In less than two weeks, the Yulin Dog Meat Festival will begin, and 1,000 dogs will be boiled or skinned alive before being butchered to feed festival goers. In July and August, thousands more will be killed so that vendors at the Boknal Festival can serve the popular Peppery Dog Meat Soup. And in late August, teenage boys will be forced to gorge on dog meat for seven days as part of a coming-of-age ceremony.

We must stop the summertime slaughter of innocent dogs. Sign this petition to join the movement to put an end to all dog meat festivals once and for all.

But the horror doesn’t end with festivals. Dogs are abused and killed for food every day all year round. The dog meat markets of Indonesia, Nigeria, the Philippines, and Vietnam are thriving. Some are even considered tourist destinations. And in certain areas of Switzerland, farmers are still known to kill dogs for personal consumption or to give as a delicacy to friends.

That is why Care2 is launching a campaign to stop dog meat consumption worldwide. By adding your name to this petition, you are signing on to help stop dog meat festivals and markets across the globe. Over the next several weeks, you will get the opportunity to sign petitions and take other actions to end the inhumane slaughter of millions of dogs each year — starting with the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

Are you ready to send a strong message to world leaders that you won’t rest until all dogs are safe from butchers? Then join us in making 2019 the year that dog meat festivals and markets are stopped once and for all.

Ed’s Ostrich Effect – the Truth We Hide from Ourselves.

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British MD Sufferer Is Thrown Off Uni Capus After Requesting to See Test Dogs With His Condition.

Johnathon Byrne



Johnathon Byrne—a British business owner who has muscular dystrophy (MD)—has filed a lawsuit against Texas A&M University for allegedly violating his civil rights.

During a visit to Texas A&M, Byrne—who must use a wheelchair at all times—peacefully requested to see the dogs who have been bred to suffer from canine MD and are imprisoned in a laboratory there.

Following that request, university police detained him, booted him from campus, and banned him from returning for two years.


See the full article, with video footage of suffering dogs at:



USA: American Hunter who Poses with Slain Giraffe Claims she is ‘Proud to Hunt’.

USA: American Hunter who Poses with Slain Giraffe Claims she is ‘Proud to Hunt’.

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Russia: Good News – Russia Fines Whale Jail Company.

Whales kept in enclosures in the far east of Russia

Russia: Good News – Russia Fines Whale Jail Company.

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Spain: murder spectacle for primitives



How primitive and anti-social can people be in the middle of Europe?


Watch the video at the FB page of Pacma:

Toledo: This is not a bullfight in the conventional sense of bullfighting murder we know.
It is a premeditated murder of a small calf between 1 and 2 years old who has not yet been weaned by his mother.

Therefore, the calf can not yet coordinate his legs well and also has no big horns to defend himself.
The murderers themselves prepare the murder weapons, the banderillas.

If he can not anymore, the animal is stuck in the corner, several “helpers” grab him and nail him until the baby is paralyzed and bleeding.

With less than two years the animal suffers a slow and agonizing death.

PACMA is the only party that advocates such a ban on Festego but also massacres all fiestas

Source: #StopBecerradas

And I mean…If one himself inspire and enjoy how innocent and utterly defenseless animals suffer and are tortured to death, this one is no more than a miserable monster and has in no way deserved to have something like own human rights.

Every year Spain holds its hand and begs like a small child to other European countries, so that this “culture” of the brainless can continue to exist.

If torture, mistreatment and exploitation of innocent defenseless beings is “culture” for Spain, then the country is at the back end of education in Europe, because traditions from the Middle Ages are perceived with enthusiasm that only scare and disgust every educated person.

Except for a few mentally-deprived Germans and a few brain-sick Europeans, this form of “culture” really does not even appeal to the stupidest of the stupid.

We can be sure there are far more civilized animal lovers and animal rights activists (= antitaurinos) than people like this disgusting bunch of proletarians, who put an end to this primitive blood fiesta. Time is ticking for the animals and I know it will end.



My best regards to all, Venus