Let`s rescue the 6 macaques from the lab in Torino!


Monkeys should not be blinded!

Our Italian partner organization LAV has launched a petition to the Italian Minister of Health Guilia Grillo.

Here is the translation of the petition text:

When they woke up, they did not understand what had happened. They only felt strong pain. When they tried to open their eyes, they realized that something terrible had happened: they could not see anymore!!

The #UniversityTurin is responsible for a new series of animal experiments on 6 macaque monkeys, in which the animals are surgically blinded, that is blinded – for studies on visual impairment in humans.

The macaques are first “trained” to be fixed in a primate chair for hours each day and to recognize images on a screen. After this phase, they are blinded. Invasive surgery on the brain is painful and should be done in the fall. The entire trial project is 5 years long. To stop that, we have to get active now!


We urge Minister Giulia Grillo to immediately stop the animal experimentation project “LIGHTUP – Turning the cortically blind brain to see” and to give the monkeys to rescue centers and / or animal welfare associations without delay.

Let us save the 6 macaques from these atrocities! Help us – before it’s too late!


Here is the original text of the petition in Italian and the petition.
Please signe and share: https://www.change.org/p/giulia-grillo-salviamo-i-macachi-di-torino

For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/06/17/lets-rescue-the-6-macaques-from-the-lab-in-torino/

My comment: Do you remember Britches?

Britches was born in March 1985 in the University of California, Riverside (UCR). Britches was an infant monkey that was withdrawn right after the birth of his mother.
His eyes were sewn up in an experimental laboratory.

In 1985, Britches (and 460 more animals) were freed by brave ALF activists.
Treatment of the animals in the laboratory has been described as sadistic and inhuman.

Britches stands as a symbol for the millions of animals that are still tortured to death with increasing numbers in laboratories.

He was fortunate, though he became blind, to be liberated.

Since then the eyes of monkey babies at the University of California are no longer sewn shut!

But the Labor Mafia in the University of Torino still relies on the same torture methods as the University of California although this cruel method was practiced almost 35 years ago and proved to be a failure!!

Animal experiments do not work and have no scientific value, every good and honest scientist knows it. The animal experiments are the quackery in medicine and therefore worthless.


Please sign the petition: https://www.change.org/p/giulia-grillo-salviamo-i-macachi-di-torino

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India – Elephants Screaming in Agony as Guides Whip With Bamboo Canes at a Wildlife Reserve.

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USA: The US Government is Trying to Overturn Protections That Save Grizzly Bears From Trophy Hunters.

USA: The US Government is Trying to Overturn Protections That Save Grizzly Bears From Trophy Hunters.

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Frederik, a transport victim with great luck!


Germany, Lower Saxony: A piglet has managed to escape from an animal transporter at full speed on the A1 motorway in Lower Saxony.


The animal not only survived the fall from the truck, it also gets a new home with an animal rights activist, as the police announced on Friday. How the little pig could get out of the hold of the transporter remained unclear.


During the trip, it fell out of the truck at about 80 to 90 kilometers per hour and overturned several times before it stopped next to the motorway.

A car woman-driver driving behind the truck noticed the falling piglet and called the highway patrol. The animal rights activist turned at the next exit and took part in the search.


The pig was slightly injured in the fall. The truck driver did not limit the loss of the animal from his van, as a call to the transport company revealed. Because the return of the vice to retrieve the piglet would have been too great a burden for the other animals in the van, the company decided that the animal rights activist may keep the piglet.



My comment: Frederik lives, as far as I am informed, today on the Farm Butenland, Germany, together with other animals, which are rescued from the same abovementioned similar cruel conditions and have a nice life there
Frederik won 6 in the lottery and we wish him a long and healthy life !!


The last Video from Frederik`s new life, Hof Butenland


My best regards to all, Venus