Yulin is everywhere


More than 10,000 dogs fall victim to China’s dog meat festival Yulin every year.
Also on 21st of June 2019 it was time again!



But Yulin is everywhere – Every day millions of animals die!
They are cruel pictures and we often hear them screaming.
Every day we see them driving, the trucks with their cargo: Animals! Living and suffering beings!
Often without adequate care they are carted across thousands of miles across Europe.

It’s insane, it’s a crime.

The European Commission currently forecasts around 170 million “useful” livestock transports each year.

Around half a billion poultry, pigs and cattle are transported on European highways every year.


Just so that the animal can be slaughtered cheaply, it is transported to a low-wage country and then back as meat back to the meat counter. A cruel suffering, what the animals have to endure. –

And again every day we read the inflationary question: why so much whirlwind for the dogs of Yulin and not for the millions of other victims?

A mass murder of animals can not be justified because the general logic and ethics says: that happens everywhere.
Yes! This actually happens everywhere and therefore we feel anger, powerlessness, sadness!

Yulin is a crime, as it is the millions of crimes every day against animals we cruelly murder to eat them.


Yulin is indeed everywhere, and our mission is to eliminate EVERY Yulin.
The uprising against Yulin is not because we value a dog’s life more than a pig’s life.
We also do not think that wiser or more productive people have special rights and therefore they should not be tortured or imprisoned.

Every living being has the basic right to life and freedom, the victims of Yulin industry as well as the daily victims of the meat industry.

For this we need an ethical awareness, an extension of the moral capacity of modern consumers to achieve peaceful and just living together with the animals and no longer regard them as slaves and servants.

My best regards to all, Venus


Animal Markets: animal cruelty in compliance with the system

There are no animal markets without suffering and stress for the animals.

Animals’ Angels goes against abuses, and wants to reach an end in the long term markets. In an effort to improve the situation for the animals on the markets, we are in dialogue with traders and local authorities.


Image: Annimals Angels, Morocco

Here are some of the reports from the cruel situation in the animal markets,  all over the world.


1. Saleyards and animal markets in Australia



Australia is one of the world’s largest ‘producers’ and exporters of so-called ‘farmed animals’ and likes to boast its animal welfare laws. Although these are in force, the animals are not adequately protected on the transports and markets.

Dealing with them is rude and careless. Since 2004 Animals’ Angels devotes itself completely to these animals and demands changes.

On markets and sale yards in Australia the most lucrative deals are possible. In these auctions we always see the same problems:

Totally crowded pens.
Animals pushed to the ground, who are barely able to get up.
No water, no food.
No shade despite high temperatures.
Overheated animals.
Missing / insufficient care of injured / ill animals.
Forcible unloading and loading.
Overcrowded transport vehicles.
Animals with trapped body parts, with no possibility to break free.
Transport of non-transportable animals.
Insufficient weather protection: no roofs on the top truck level.

Compliance with animal welfare laws is expected by the parties involved.

2. Animal markets in Bulgaria

3. Animal markets in India – respect for cows?

4. Animal markets in Morocco

5. Animal markets in Poland

6. Animal markets in Romania

7. Animal markets in Spain

8. Animal markets in Tanzania…


Image: Animals Angels, Tansania

For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/06/22/animal-markets-animal-cruelty-in-compliance-with-the-system/


My comment:  In Germany, the animal welfare deficiencies at these events are inherent in the system – animal suffering is under the cover of animal love.

It is mainly reported on the animal markets from abroad.
But also on many weekends animal markets take place in Germany and there countless animals suffer from fear and stress – to the pure entertainment of visitors and hobby breeders.

In Bavaria alone, more than 700 animal markets take place each year. At the same time these animal markets are moving in a kind of  lawless space where they are rarely or only insufficiently controlled.

It is traded on countless exchanges with all living beings, which the “market” has to offer: Birds, reptiles, amphibians, horses, small mammals, but also dogs and cats are sold like “junk ware”.

The suffering of the animals does not count for dealers, breeders and many visitors.


“Animals are the pitiful slaves and victims of the most brutal part of humanity”. (John Stuart Mill)


My best regards to all, Venus