The Pharma mafia: a dangerous network!


Do you have time and like reading thrillers? We have one and it is even real!

The Pharma mafia!


We are on the trail of a new drug scandal, but it will come tomorrow, so long as you read this thriller.

And you should not be surprised that many websites that specialize in natural remedies, are no longer displayed by Google.

You know the mafia, organized crime accounts for about $ 2 trillion a year. Almost as much do the pharmaceutical companies. The 30 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world alone make a turnover of 600 billion dollars.

As the “Godfather” Don Vito Corleone said: “I make him an offer that he can not refuse.” The best thing that could happen to the big phamaceutical companies is the collaboration with the WHO: a dangerous network!


Now you should also know that the WHO is privately sponsored. That means: one buys the shares of the largest pharmaceutical companies and then the WHO recommends exactly the drugs and so the shares rise. So these companies make billions of euros profit and profit again the sponsors.

You still think it’s about your health? No, it’s about your illnesses and you can not get well either.

Until the 1970s, the pharmaceutical industry made drugs to cure diseases. Since then, she has been suspected – at least in part – that she is also creating illnesses to sell medicines.

The pharmaceutical industry should give us a healthy life. But the pharmaceutical industry is even supposed to kill more people than the mafia.

Each tablet is less about health than business.


A proven cancer drug is re-launched under its new name as a remedy for multiple sclerosis – for forty times the price! Here is tricked to the detriment of all patients!

The Brussels-based EFPIA represents the pharmaceutical companies in the EU.
The EFPIA is the representative body of the European pharmaceutical industry. With direct membership of 33 national associations and 39 leading pharmaceutical companies, EFPIA represents 1,900 companies dedicated to the research and development of new medicines.

Together with three other organizations, EFPIA has founded the European Stakeholder Model (ESM) Partners Group, which represents a total of 2,800 European pharmaceutical companies. – That means – all under one roof a huge lobby octopus.

There can be no talk of trust here!


“It’s not personal, it’s all about business.” Don Vito Corleone in “The Godfather”


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My comment: In 2017, even the World Health Organization (WHO) raised the alarm: worldwide, ten percent of drugs are counterfeits with too little active ingredient or toxic contaminants.

Today, only about 20 percent of people have confidence in the pharmaceutical industry.

But it is not just the counterfeit drugs that swim undetected in international wholesaling that are the problem: Practically for all major international pharmaceutical monopolies, one can prove that they have falsified studies, obscured side effects, have freely invented new “diseases” and applications. With a view: that’s how the market prices push up.

90 percent of research funding is concentrated in only 10 percent of the world’s diseases, because only these “profitable markets” exist.

Millions of people are dying from malaria, tuberculosis or sleeping sickness.

Today, 90 percent of world pharmaceutical production is concentrated in the newly imperialist countries of India and China. With the result that there were also large pharmaceutical companies. In the meantime, they are pushing themselves for a global market position and are investing globally in pharmaceutical and agribusiness companies.

But 65 percent of Indians have no access to essential medicines.

The powerful cartel of the pharmaceutical industry has drug production in its claws.

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