Romanian Sheep Ship Has Now Docked in Kuwait City.



Romanian authorities have flouted Commissioner Andriukaitis’ call on Thursday to the Romanian Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development to stop the transport to Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE. In his plea, the Commissioner stressed the impossibility of complying with EU animal welfare legal provisions under the extreme temperatures on the route.

Sources at the Romanian port of Midia say that they are being prevented from approaching the vessel – the Al Shuwaikh, owned by the Kuwaiti company Livestock Transport & Trading (KLTT) – but that they can “hear the animals loud and clear”.

In 2018 animals on KLTT vessels were found baking in their own skins, gasping for air, smothered in faeces  and unable to lie down to rest or even reach food or water. During such voyages, heat and humidity combinations reach levels that cause heat stroke, resulting in sheep literally cooking alive in the holds of vessels.

“Despite the intervention of Commissioner Andriukaitis, Petre Daea (Romanian Minister) has turned a deaf ear to the fact that this shipment is likely to breach Art 3 of the EU Regulation (EC) 1/2005 stating that animals shall not be transported in a way likely to cause injury or undue suffering, says Reineke Hameleers, Director of Eurogroup for Animals. According to EU legislation on transport, if animal welfare cannot be guaranteed until the final destination, transportation should not take place. We need infringement proceedings right now.”

If they reach their destination alive, the animals will be slaughtered without stunning for the “Festival of Sacrifice” which takes place in August.



Romanian Sheep Ship – Update 1/8/19 1020hrsGMT. Vessel Now At Kuwait City – Temperature 46 Degrees. According to EU Regulations, +16 Degrees Above EU Maximum Allowed.

The ship carrying Romanian sheep has now arrived at dock in Kuwait City.

Current temperature is 46 Degrees.  Way above maximum set by EU Regulations for animals in transport !





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  1. Od 15.7.2019. putuju da bi bile zaklane. Mankind is the only evil on this planet.

  2. I’ve emailed our euro mp Claire Fox

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