USA: Washington State Is Attempting To Slaughter More Wolves – Take Action Now !

Gray wolf


Washington state is moving forward with yet another kill order to slaughter more wolves. Now the state wants to kill up to eight members of the Old Profanity Territory pack, including pups born this spring.

All this is happening at the behest of a powerful rancher grazing his cattle on prime wolf habitat — and we need your help to stop it.

Please take action today and let Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Director Kelly Susewind know you oppose his continued assault on these endangered wolves.

It’s likely the state will once again use aerial snipers in helicopters to gun down these wolves — at least one of which is collared — following up with on-the-ground kills of wounded animals. This asymmetrical warfare against wild creatures is sick.

Last fall they killed the pack’s breeding female and a 4-month-old pup, leaving behind only the father wolf and a pup. New wolves have joined this family unit, and more pups were born.

But in early July Washington gunned down the father wolf, and now they aim to kill as many as they can, up to eight more wolves, including the new pups.

Washington state has a long history of gunning down wolves within its borders. Since 2012 Washington has killed 23 state-endangered wolves, 19 of which were killed for the same livestock owner who is trying to eliminate the Old Profanity Territory pack.

The Center’s litigation to shut down Washington’s disgraceful kill protocol is still playing out in court. The state has no business gunning down wolves and destroying packs on public lands.

Tell Director Susewind the public demands an end to the wolf slaughter now.





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  1. As long as you kill animals you will have mass and serial killers of humans.In both cases , killers are humans. As long as you kill animals , you will have cancers, hearth-atacks, brain-atacks and wars too.

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