Myanmar: elephant skin for pearls and quack medicine



Elephants are among the endangered species in Myanmar. The government in Myanmar estimates that there are currently only about 2,000 wild elephants in Myanmar’s jungle.

Already a few years ago the ( reported on the terrible trade in Asian elephant skins – for jewelry and traditional medicine. The skin of the elephants is painstakingly removed and sold for traditional Chinese healing methods. New research has now revealed that illegal trade has spread throughout Southeast Asia. The skin of elephants is burned in a clay pot and the ash is mixed with coconut oil.

This cream is supposed to help against eczema(!!!)

According to the new Elephant Family” Report, the burgeoning Myanmar industry seems to have spread to a greater part of Southeast Asia, including not just China, but also Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. The pearls are sold in Myanmar and China and skin products for traditional healing methods in all five countries.


Pictured Illegal killing of wild elephant in Rakhine state Elephant Family”


The previous report of the Elephant Family”, published in April 2018, showed that at least initially one person seemed to be behind the pearl trade.
This trader, whom they called “Jaz,” posted about pearls in an online discussion forum in 2014.
“Twenty-three follow-up responses showed that trade in elephant skin pearls was new and poorly understood,” the report said.

The elephant beads are made in the style of traditional Chinese collectibles known as Wenwan.

Who exactly wants them, is unknown.


Feb. 16, 2018, photo provided by conservation group “Elephant Family”

Increasingly slaughtered elephants are found whose skin has been stripped off, which is used for traditional medicine or for jewelry. Part of it is sold on local markets, but the vast majority goes to neighboring China, which has an inexhaustible taste for exotic animals, the government said.

The skin of elephants has become the latest fad of traditional remedies in China. In the shops, the skin is sold as devotees (the devotees). There is almost everything, whether as skin or pieces of ivory. In addition, tiger teeth come with bear oil.



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My comment:The earth has a skin; and this skin has diseases. One of these diseases is called “human,” said Nitzsche.

It is not the eczema the disease, that some people need to heal, but their sick brains, who believe in the charlatanry of the Chinese and thus massacre thousands of loving and peaceful animals.


Best regards to all, Venus


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