The fate of animals is in our hands




„What I had learned about human rights proved to be directly relevant to my thinking about animal rights. Whether any animals have rights depends on the true answer to one question: Are any animals subjects-of-a-life?

This is the question that needs to be asked about animals because this is the question we need to ask about us.“ – Tom Regan

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India: Animal cruelty and slavery for leather


“No one is allowed to disturb, harass, or treat the cow without respect. The killing of the cow is the most abominable of all earthly sins, “says the teachings of God Krishna.



And yet India is the world’s second largest leather exporter: Throughout the country, cattle are slaughtered to millions in illegal slaughterhouses, in backyards and even in the living room. In 2016, India exported $ 6 billion worth of leather.

The demand for leather comes mainly from the USA, Germany and the United Kingdom. About 90 percent of Indian leather lands in the European Union. Germany is the second most important market. Pretty much everyone wears it, with little or no thoughts about where the leather came from.

And so it happens that shoes are sold in German shops for which “holy cows” from India in Bangladesh are killed without any anesthesia in slaughterhouses or on the street.



Because killing cows is banned in most states, much of the slaughter takes place in Kerala and West Bengal, where there is no ban. This is where cattle from the southern and western states are smuggled. Millions of animals are transported under appalling conditions to the slaughterhouses of Kerala and West Bengal.

There are 32,000 unlicensed in the country against the 3,600 legal slaughterhouses.



Men load a van like this: They tie the cattle close together. Space is so tight, so forbids Indian law .. But men do not stick to it – to keep costs down. A total of 31 animals are swinging workers in a van. Then it’s over 600 kilometers to the slaughterhouse. The animals are standing all the time and can barely move. They are also not allowed to eat and drink on this exhausting journey.

The cattle traders put red chili peppers or tobacco in their eyes and purposely break the tail of the exhausted animal.



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So a “Made in Italy” simply means that the assembly of the items to the shoe was carried out in Italy.

For example, the upper leather of a shoe may have been tailored and dyed in Turkey, the tanning and slaughtering previously took place in Bangladesh, and the cow was originally from India.

-Animal suffering during medieval transports
-Battle under medieval conditions on open streets
-Children work in tanneries with toxic and carcinogenic substances
– Contaminate river and groundwater with chemicals

Does anyone need more reasons not to buy or wear leather in any form?

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