Dairy industry: a murder factory!


Animal Equality has released a report on Italy’s milk industry, revealing controversial practices the sector often tries to hide from consumers.



In footage obtained from our investigative work on several farms in Northern Italy, we exposed what actually happens inside dairy farms, compared to what is marketed by the farms’ advertising. What the footage shows is the tragic exploitation of cows, with endless amounts of suffering!




What we found:

– Calves taken from mothers a few hours after birth
– Calves and cows living in cramped, unsanitary conditions, and covered with feces and mud
– Farmworkers performing preventive practices and care without veterinary supervision, which is illegal
– Cows with mastitis and very serious wounds, including wounded hooves illegally covered with scotch tape
– Cows “grazing zero,” which means they do not have access to pastures, as opposed to what is constantly shown in the advertisements of dairy farms

All these practices-and not only in Italy- demonstrate one thing: that the image conveyed daily by the dairy industry is not the reality cows live in. This form of extreme exploitation causes cows enormous suffering, specifically by quickly consuming their bodies and leading to premature death within just a few years.


Animal Equality


To justify this criminal situation, milk mafia sells milk to us as a natural food that makes us big and strong and a source of calcium.
Meanwhile, however, has been scientifically confirmed that the milk is not only unhealthy, but also makes sick.


We all thought or still think that milk is a healthy, balanced drink. But here is the first mistake.
Because milk is not just a drink, it can be called a staple food because of its high nutrient density. That’s why milk makes us sick.

It can trigger allergies, especially in infants, lead to chronic infections, skin problems and eczema, promote asthma, diabetes and even cancer. This could be due to the foreign proteins in the milk against which the body is fighting. Many of these diseases can be due to a milk allergy.

In Asia and Africa, for example, just one percent of the population can digest milk.



Most people want to see milk as one of the most natural products fresh from the cow that lives on the meadow, with no additives, no hormones, no antibiotics.
And although the reality is shown every day and in many countries even by the state TV channels, the milk consumers are making a lot of ridiculous excuses to continue to consume a product which makes them sick and the animals victimized.
One of these excuses is the “organic” milk.
And the biggest lie of the milk mafia.


cow in “Organic” attitude

For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/10/21/dairy-industry-a-murder-factory/


Conclusion: We despise murder of people, but we regard murder of animals as normal. Because they are lower beings for us.

In our Western world, it has never been so easy to live without meat and milk.
Man can eat animals and just can not eat. Both is possible.

Above all, because we humans claim that we have developed a strong sense of morality that we can apply accordingly. But we have learned to turn feelings of empathy into apathy. We have learned not to feel, because otherwise we would feel responsible for our actions.

With the pet at home, it works.
We teach our children to love the pets, not to eat them. When it comes to our own dog or kitten, we must never do that, and we emphasize that among the evil Chinese, such a crime is quite common.

We must teach our children that it is not right to kill other beings for no reason. Children are very open to it. But we do not clarify it, we do not tell them the full truth, because we ourselves can not cope with the truth.




Who serves as an obedient servant the system of meat and milk mafia, will defend his schnitzel and not the truth about animals that become meat in the factories.


My best regards to all, Venus



USA: Iowa – Iowa Politicians and the Meat Industry Attempt to Turn Undercover Expose Activists Into the Criminals !


Background Information (WAV)


Ag-Gag laws seek to “gag” would-be whistleblowers and undercover activists by punishing them for recording footage of what goes on in animal agriculture. They were originally designed to prevent the public from learning about animal cruelty.


Twenty-five states have attempted to pass modern-day ag-gag laws, and six of those states have succeeded. The states that have passed ag-gag laws are (in chronological order), Iowa Utah, Missouri, Idaho, Wyoming, and North Carolina.

USA – Government Regulation of Factory Farms. The USDA is the primary federal agency charged with regulating animal food production and slaughter industries. Through sub-agency programs, the USDA oversees food production laws.


However, there are no federal laws that set humane care standards for animals in factory farms.

Factory farms perpetuate climate change, produce enormous volumes of manure, pollute the air and water, exploit workers, fuel antibiotic resistance and harm the rural communities they claim to help.







With thanks to Stacey for supplying this info – regards Mark.






Source The Intercept
Leighton Akio WoodhouseDavid Zlutnick

The meat industry depends, more than anything else, on walls.

The walls of farms and slaughterhouses prevent consumers from seeing what the production of their food really looks like. They prevent journalists and activists from exposing unethical, even criminal acts within. They enable corporations to paint happy, bucolic pictures of their operations that bear no resemblance to the reality of modern-day factory farming.

To get inside those walls, over the last two decades, dozens of activists have gone undercover, finding employment on factory farms and wearing concealed cameras, shooting hundreds of hours of footage over the course of months on the job. They have documented the routine acts of mistreatment and abuse of animals that are an inherent part of raising livestock for slaughter with maximum profit in mind.

The videos they have produced have made an enormous impact on the industry, grabbing headlines, pushing consumers away from meat, compelling retailers to pull products from shelves, and even causing government regulators to temporarily shutter some farms.

In response, the industry has pushed to criminalize undercover investigations, through legislation known informally as “ag-gag.” Ag-gag laws target activists in a variety of ways, from imposing criminal penalties on investigators for misrepresenting themselves on employment applications to outright banning the collection of footage on the premises of animal agriculture operations without the owners’ permission.

In Iowa, an ag-gag law passed in 2011 was struck down earlier this year by a federal judge. But thanks to the political power it wields in the state, the meat industry did not have to wait long to see the law resurrected. Just two months after the court’s decision, Iowa’s legislature passed a brand new ag-gag bill, and its newly elected governor, Kim Reynolds, signed it into law.

Our short documentary tells the story of one undercover investigator whose footage is at the center of Iowa’s ag-gag backlash.

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