USA: Animal Abuse Link to Domestic Violence Highlighted As Cruelty Cases Rise in Michigan.

Animal Abuse Link to Domestic Violence Highlighted As Cruelty Cases Rise in Michigan

Coinciding with National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Michigan State Police (MSP) have released data showing a huge rise in the number of animal abuse reports in the state.

Incidents of reported animal cruelty in Michigan soared from 93 in 2016, to 202 in 2017 and 297 in 2018 — an increase of a staggering 301% in just three years. In addition, animal abuse crimes rose by about 100 cases annually in the same time period, according to MSP’s Michigan Incident Crime Report, “Crime at A Glance.”

These rising figures are worrying in themselves, but there is further concern because animal abuse has been linked to domestic violence, with individuals who hurt animals being far more likely to carry out domestic violence offenses as well as other violent crimes.

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence says there is a clear link between these two areas of crime, it explains that individuals who abuse their partners frequently have a history of animal abuse that precedes their domestic violence offenses. It also highlights the fact that “abusers demonstrate power and control over the family by threatening, harming or killing animals.”

In its “Pets And Domestic Violence” report, the organization states that 13% of intentional animal abuse cases involve domestic violence, and a massive 71% of pet owners who enter a shelter say their abuser had previously threatened, hurt or murdered a family pet. In addition, the investigation of reported animal cruelty within a household often leads to social services discovering hidden domestic abuse in that household.

If you need help regarding animal cruelty or domestic abuse, you can contact the American Humane Association on 303-792-9900 or the National Domestic Violence Hotline on 1-800-799-SAFE.



USA: Petition – SIGN: Justice for Echo, Dog Who Lost His Eye After Being Brutally Beaten with A Log.

SIGN: Justice for Echo, Dog Who Lost His Eye After Being Brutally Beaten with A Log


SIGN: Justice for Echo, Dog Who Lost His Eye After Being Brutally Beaten with A Log

PETITION TARGET: Porter County District Attorney Gary Germann

Sweet dachshund and beagle mix Echo of Valparaiso, Indiana lost his right eye after his family’s neighbor reportedly brutally beat him in the face with a log, fracturing the helpless dog’s skull.

Even emergency surgery could not save poor Echo’s eye after the vicious attack.

Police arrested Ronald Johnson Valparaiso for this act of abuse — but despite the horrific nature of the attack, Johnson soon bonded out for a mere $1,500.

According to Echo’s guardian, Courtney Gutowski, this wasn’t the suspect’s first attack on the innocent dog. Earlier this year, Johnson repeatedly and aggressively struck Echo with large ice pellets, but due to a lack of physical evidence, this crime went unpunished, says Gutowski. It is troubling that after two reported cases of abuse, Johnson is roaming free and officials have not taken stronger and more immediate action.

It is essential that the court treat this case with the severity it deserves, to ensure Echo’s safety and the safety of the community.

Sign this petition to urge Porter County’s District Attorney Gary Germann to prosecute Johnson to the fullest extent of the law. The court must make it clear that animal abuse will not be tolerated, to save dogs like Echo from suffering at the hands of people who believe they can harm animals without consequence.

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France: finish medieval bear shows!

❌Urgend: We urgently need your support to enforce a ban on the cruel medieval bear shows in #France!


Like many other bears in France, 🐻Valentin has to serve torture shows all over the country.



He and many others of his kind must spend hours performing silly tricks in front of gaping spectators, like running on a ball or jumping over hurdles.



Together with Aves France and Fondation Brigitte Bardot, we are campaigning for a legal ban on these medieval bear shows. Help us, sign our petition:

#saddestbears #saddestbearsFrance
📸 © AVES France | FOUR PAWS / Fondation Brigitte Bardot


My comment:This is a kind of fascism, as well as any enslavement and exploitation of defenseless animals.

And this kind of fascism is even celebrated in public … in the markets … at events and folk festivals and nobody is indignant, who stands by it … on the contrary! it is still clapping and laughing ..

What a primitive idiot must be one, to have fun and enjoyment in the middle of a civilized country, France, when a bear is treated in chains like a piece of shit by a tormentor….



My best regards to all, Venus


Germany and the death lab LPT in Hamburg


The monkeys run backwards in a circle in their small cells. One always makes a somersault. Others run from left to right, from right to left.

The animals are housed in bare cages, in which a monkey does not even have a cubic meter of space.

This is much less than the law requires when animals stay in cells for longer periods of time.

That’s in Germany, not in China!



The images are from inside the Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology, LPT for short.
It is considered one of the larger private laboratories in the country and employs 175 people. In the rooms tests for the approval of drugs are carried out.

The photos were submitted by the animal rights organizations SOKO Tierschutz and Cruelty Free International to the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” and the “ARD Fakt magazine”.


An animal rights activist has been working as a caregiver in the lab for several months and has recorded scenes showing that some of the monkeys are housed in tiny cages. They show dogs that bleed heavily, captive monkeys who seem to be resisting fixation, and cats whose blood is taken by force.

The pictures also show how roughly employees deal with animals.

“This leads to such absurd situations that a pharmaceutical company from South Korea causes monkeys in Lower Saxony to be tormented, or dogs from the USA are taken to Hamburg for a laboratory to suffer a cruel death from severe bleeding for medication” so Mülln from “SOKO Tierschutz”

The federal government is under pressure. Since the summer of 2018, a so-called infringement procedure against Germany is ongoing.

Germany has to improve the anchoring of animal welfare in the law, so the accusation from Brussels.
20 points are on the list of deficiencies. It is objected, among other things, that the expertise of researchers sharing in animal experiments need not be proven.


For more…at:

My comment: As soon as undercover investigations reveal an illegal barbarity and animal cruelty in the name of the research, then the authority determines.
Until then, the authorities have tolerated it hand in hand with the lab.

The veterinarians know that, but nobody wants to know anything about it, until a search forces everyone to confess that  all they cooperated in such crimes, even though they knew it.

According to the Federal Government, 2.8 million animals were used in animal experiments in 2017.

80 percent of them were rodents, such as mice or rats. Also listed in the balance sheet are 3,500 monkeys and half-monkeys. The numbers from 2018 are not yet available.

Surely the statistics would look different if this corrupt coalition government had implemented the EU’s intrinsic standards in dealing with animal experiments.

The deadline for this was 2012 (!!!)
On the one hand, the rules should limit the experiments with animals to the essentials and on the other hand promote alternative research methods.

Germany is practically the EU, and if the EU Commission since 2012 demands that Germany finally fulfills its obligations in animal testing lines, then even the stupidest can understand who has the power here.

Added to this is the ridiculous infringement procedure, which runs for over a year.
Here Brussels can count on success only by a miracle.

My best regards to all, Venus