A message to Eurogroup for animals


from Venus



The EU Commission’s right-hand man is the Eurogroup for Animals.
On their website states: We create a favorable political environment!
and further … “it is of the utmost importance to show that as a membership organization we keep our promises”.

The 8hour campaign (1.2 million votes) in 2012 failed because of the rejection of the then corrupt Commissioner John Dali.

Has the Eurogroup contemplated how to honor its promises to EU-Citisens if the Commission now ignores the 1.5 million votes in the “End of Cage Age” Campaign?
The “case John Dalli” may have forgotten the employees of the Eurogroup, they like to suppress sad defeats.

This case should always be a warning sign of how easy it is to betray the animals and those who want a better world for them.
But in this game are also involved those who make big promises, even though they know that they have no power to make big changes in animal suffering under the EU Commission. And by that I mean the Eurogroup for Animals!

The 36 employees of Eurogroup working for the Commission for good money should be sparing with their promises and nice words.

The Eurogroup can not make any promise, because they do not take any decision.

They preach visions and missions into their web site but the thing is very simple: if the commission (even now like under Dalli back then) does not abolish caging, in spite of 1.5 million votes, then they should not give us lectures on trust or active animal welfare, but they have only to answer one simple question: what is their right of existence?

Those who participate in the moral and political EU format are cheated and betrayed,  so like the animals are.
The Eurogroup is just as weak as we are, the citizens of the EU, the Groupe is powerless, as we are, with the only difference that they are paid to sell illusions, campaigns, visions and hopes in an area, this of animal welfare, which the EU does not care at all.

“We exist because European citizens believe animals deserve a voice” says the groupe.

Indeed! there are demonstrably 1.5 million EU citizens who want to give the voiceless, the suffering, the enslaved beings a voice, a better world.
But no one believes that this can be done with the Eurogroup.
With the employer of the Eurogroup anyway not.

I got this message from Compassion in World Farming today:

“Our ground-breaking European Citizen’s Initiative (ECI) achieved over 1.5 million signatures calling for a total EU ban on keeping farm animals in cages.

170 organisations, united by Compassion in World Farming, came together to make this happen. An unprecedented pan-European movement for farm animal welfare!

So what’s next? The UK Parliament (with 389,057 signatures ) is now expected to debate a ban on farm cages. And, to force the European Commission to act, at least 1 million ECI signatures must be validated.

This process could take three months, and then we’ll submit the petition.

We’ll keep you fully updated on progress and new ways you can get involved!”

After this message, I had the same bitter feeling as back then in the 8hours campaign.
Unfortunately, the bad sides of history are always repeating themselves.
The Dallis, the corrupt commissars and their naive servants.


Serbia Investigations – EU ‘Candidate Country’ ?

Serbian Investigations – An ‘EU Candidate Country’. Do we Expect This from EU Member States ?


I want to pick up again on some of our (SAV) past work in Serbia; not for any specific reason; just that it fits well into the recent post by Venus which deals with stray animals within the EU -here is the link: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/10/14/stray-animals-abandoned-friends/   – I have also added some links and video footage at the end of this post.

Firstly, welcome to everyone and anyone who visits the site from around the globe – it is good to see you and I hope you and I hope you find our articles of interest.

Secondly, and very importantly; never judge the way of a nation by the actions of just a few folk that live there. Serbia has some brilliant animal campaigners, and it has been my pleasure over the last 15+ years to work with many of them – people who have my full respect and people that I can call friends. There are some great little private, individual shelters where people are doing everything they can for animals – check out this SAV Facebook site of ours to see what I mean: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SerbianAnimalsVoice/

I threw together some information about Serbian animal welfare legislation some years back – visit here for more of the same: https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/about-serbian-animals/

Today I want to track back to an issue we dealt with many years ago – that of the welfare of animals on some Serbian farms. Please remember, Serbia is currently a nation which is a ‘Candidate Country’ to join the EU. To become a member state, it will supposedly enforce all the legislation required of it under EU rules. But we know these don’t work anyway, and the EU never enforces its own legislation; as we have proven so many times with animal transport breaches over the years regarding Regulation 1/2005.


So, the (EU) rules say that all farm animals must be kept to certain standards – which is a joke really considering how many times we have helped to expose EU wrong doings in the past:




Going back; we looked into specific farm animal welfare in the past. As part of the CIWF campaign team in the past; https://www.ciwf.org.uk/ I was able to call on their extensive experience to help me with regard a few things about EU / Serbian farm animal welfare legislation. Phil helped me a lot and contributed to one of the articles I did on SAV.

Have a look at these pictures that we published at the time – taken on a Serbian farm:


If you are / have been a meat eater in the past; would you want to eat meat that has been raised in this way ? – this is footage that was taken undercover on a Serbian farm a few years back. It is totally non compliant with EU standards; as detailed in the following links:

Watch this video:





Remember, Serbia is now a Candidate Country to become an official EU member state.





In the end, the Serbian authorities had to come clean and confirm that the sheep had been shipped live from Serbia. And just for the record, all the shelters threatened with closure by the authorities as part of this expose were left to carry on with their excellent work.

Remember – Serbia is a EUROPEAN NATION – we expect better animal welfare standards of it.

Still to come – out expose of Serbian Zoos and the terrible conditions which animals have to endure – fighting to survive daily whilst the authorities ignore meeting their legal requirements to undertake inspections.

Best regards to all;



Albania: hope for the protection of wildlife


Great milestone for #SaddestBears in Albania!

Numerous demands and campaigns from several national and international NGOs, including FOUR PAWS, have forced Albania to tighten its action against environmental crime!

The Criminal Code of the Albanian Law ⚖️ has just been supplemented with a list of offenses falling into the field of environmental crime. This means that serious offenses such as killing, poaching or trafficking in protected animals can now be punished with several years in prison. So far, such crimes have been punished only with a low fine.

In addition, the “Law on the Protection and Conservation of Wild Animals” was added.

As a result, a “Wildlife National Council” will be set up whose main task is to oversee and support the implementation of the new law.

We sincerely hope that these legal changes will have a positive impact on Albanian flora and fauna, including the wild bear population🐻.


A great success, considering how the bears live in Albania.


Pashuk had been chained up so tight at a restaurant that the metal had gauged into his skin by the time he was rescued. Hertwig, FOUR PAWS:  ‘I’ve seen many suffering bears, but I have never seen anything like this. The chain had grown in so deeply that the skin had already grown over it”.


In March 2016, FOUR PAWS signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Albanian Ministry of Environment with the aim of working together to create a sustainable and animal welfare-friendly solution for the many, in catastrophic posture lived Albanian bears.


Tomi was given alcohol during years of captivity and had become known as ‘beer bear’ where he was caged in Albania


Since 2016 FOUR PAWS and other animal welfare organizations have rescued more than 30 bears from pathetic captivity in Albania, and transferred to foreign wildlife camps in cooperation with the Albanian authorities and other animal welfare organizations.

Most of them were taken illegally out of the wild as young animals.



Ten of these bears now live in the FOUR PAWS bear conservation centers and partner projects in Kosovo, Switzerland, Germany and Bulgaria.

Carsten Hertwig from Four Paws, said: ‘We are happy that the Albanian Ministry of Environment is getting actively involved now”.


My comment: As long as there are brainless people who take selfies with wild animals as a holiday experience and even pay for it, then animals will be abused, enslaved, tortured.

There is very little hope to change this society in its perversity and indifference. Therefore, the solution must come from above, with laws and penalties.

If bear dancing and bear shows are banned, then finally, every stupid tourist will realize that the selfies with suffering animals from the last holiday belong in the garbage and in the history of Middle Ages.



My best regards to all, Venus