Everyone is talking about the new advertising spot of “Katjes”!


From Katjes there is now the vegan chocolate Chocjes. The commercial will clarify that cows are not dairy machines.

We really loved the Chocjes commercial.
Apart from the fact that the illustrations come from none other than Gerald Scarfe, who was already responsible for the Pink Floyd cover of “The Wall”, the video contains a clear vegan message.


You see a whole army of mechanical cows.

Dark scenery. Gloomy music. Cows march like soldiers in the Third Reich. So it starts, the new commercial of Katjes. Then a woman’s voice says: “Every life is valuable. And cows are not dairy machines. Not even for chocolate. “

A scene change follows. Pink background. Gentle music. Oat plants sprout from the ground. And the woman’s voice says, “Luckily there are chocjes now. The vegan chocolate from Katjes. Cool without a cow. “ Then the commercial ends.



The message is unequivocal and will encourage many to think about it. On the website of Katjes it says: “Cow’s milk is not originally intended for us humans, but as first food for young calves. […] With oat drink many people feel better. And the cows too. It’s cool! “- We see exactly the same way!

We celebrate it when big companies offer vegan products. So they also get their hands on our meat-eating friends and possibly try them out. And maybe they even taste the one or the other.

Katjes has also brought two types of vegan chocolate to the supermarkets. “Chocjes Original” and “Chocjes Haselnuss” convince with a skilful blend of organic oat milk and sustainable cocoa.



Hey Katjes! thanks for this great video! Of course, the milk chocolate sticks in the throats of many spectators. Oh, by the way, Katjes! If you veganize your fruit gums now, then you are true heroes for us.



My comment: And again the farmers are offended and lament:
The Bavarian Farmers Association (BBV) reacted shocked and submitted a complaint to the German Advertising Council. In it, the BBV writes: “In the TV spot cows are referred to as” dairy machines “and animal owners the exploitation of their cows assumed. That is discriminatory and unjustified. It must be possible to promote a vegan product without spreading lies about agriculture “!!!

Also on the Internet, the commercial of Katjes causes a stir. There is hysteria among the farmers!
In the group “Agricultural women” on Facebook, a user says: “What kind of crazy advertising!! Here, it always gets stupider. I really don`t understand what’s going on with humanity anymore ” !!!

Also on the company’s Facebook page Katjes reaps a shitstorm for the commercial.

A user writes: “In my opinion, this video testifies to an abysmally bad marketing department! It’s about populism and hate against a whole profession! Bravo Katjes! It could not have been worse! “

And now from me to all who lament: Stop playing the victims!
You can afford to write a lot of bullshit, because you don`t have any suffering!
You will not be murdered, raped, exploited, enslaved and tortured out of pure greed for profit !!!

The animals are the victims who can not raise their voices and that’s why we have to do it!
And not you, the farmers, the slaveholders, who enrich themselves with the miserable suffering of the dairy cows, and also cash subsidies from EU.
Stop playing the victims!



My best regards to all, Venus