“Personal choice” – the drug the carnivore



Just how “personal” is it, exactly, to slit the throat of a non-consenting party, dismember their corpse, and put them in a sandwich?

Last time we checked, PERSONAL choices and preferences end JUST THERE – at the body of the person making the choice.

Buying the products of animal oppression is not a “personal choice”- it’s a VIOLATION of someone else’s choice to not be enslaved and murdered!

Anonymous for the Voiceless

Best regards, Venus


One Response

  1. The freedom of one person can be limited only by the equal freedom of each person,it is within these limits that everyone’s personal choices move.Even those people who consider my friends are their property and their food, making it a BREACH of my freedom and my personal choices.
    Especially, if we know that all sentient beings are persons ( by official definition of a Person) , then people who exploit and kill my friends-animals-persons are CRUSHING and my human rights, my personal choices, and the rights of animals, ie personal choices of my friends.

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