Don’t buy an animal being, adopt one!


Christmas is coming and gifts are being exchanged during this time.
Some brainless come up with the idea of giving a living being as a Christmas present.



A few months later, most of the “gifts” either end up on the street or, at best, in an animal shelter. The fun is over.



The photos that follow are from a farm in Dobrcza, Poland, and 6 years old, and we hope that they no longer exist.
But that is still the cruel reality in many pet-farms today. In Germany too.

Sale of living beings at any price, for any animal torture, as special gifts for Christmas or as status symbols for brainless buyer.


Animal breeding is a cruel business, everywhere.




For everyone: Do not buy  animals from the Internet or magazines, or from the breeder “next door”.

In all shelters around the world, thousands of abandoned animals are waiting for a home, love and a life without loneliness.

Take your animal companions out of an animal shelter; they will be grateful and loyal to you for a lifetime, qualities that you can rarely find in your fellow human beings.



My best regards to all, Venus


2 Responses

  1. Stay on it Good People

  2. If you can help at all it means so much to these wonderful beings.

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