Austria: Psychopaths theaten…



Posted at Martin Balluch ( Association Against Animal Factories, VGT, Austria)

Once again hard to believe!

The Association Against Animal Factories (VGT)Deputy Chairman David Richter, father of three children, received this threatening letter with the threat of death and the announcement of an arson attack.

Written on a typewriter.

There is a hunting society in the Leibniz district (Austria) that clearly illegally releases and kills pheasants. David Richter documented this together with other activists. That is the reaction to it!

In addition, there were several notifications against (!) David Richter from these hunters according to the General Data Protection Regulation because he had documented the hunters during the (illegal !!) hunt for illegally exposed pheasants without permission!

But now it only comes: A hunter wrote a letter to the state hunter of Styria, pointing out these abuses of illegal abandonment of pheasants and demanding that the hunting license be withdrawn.

The hunting overseer of this hunt then filed a complaint against the VGT-OBMANN deputy for defamation.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, criminal proceedings have also been opened against the deputy VGT chairman.

But this incredibly brutal death threat is totally irrelevant to the state attorney, it seems.

Really shocking how the animal rights activists are treated as second class people over and over again. They are charged with the trifle trifles, but the most massive attacks and threats against animal rights activists are not pursued.


Translation of the threat (original see below)

As an animal lover, Mr. Richter, your days are numbered.
As the spokesman for the association, your days are also numbered.
We have located your residence in Thal.
We, as hunting clubs have certainly reserved a scrap load for you on occasion, or we will set your house on fire.
So it does not continue that you destroy all hunts and question our tradition.
The XXXXXX will also happen.
The “pork” farmers from the Leibniz district also join.
Traditionally, we don’t let psychologically ill patients get us down.
It cannot be that a whole profession is drawn into discredit ???

The original text
Bild könnte enthalten: Text


And I mean:  “Both the serial killer and the violent and cunning hunter thinks he has something important to share. Brain abnormalities are strikingly common in serial killers. Violence leaves traces in the brain after a short time ”.

Why are hunters so uninhibited and aggressive?
Because the state and the politicians are behind them.
With the support of a corrupt policy millions of animals are brutally murdered in the forest from the hunter’s hand.
And that happens in an EU country that calls itself civilized!!


Evolution of hunters:
From monkey to a bunch of shit


My best regards to all, Venus


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