Switzerland: the wild animal killer


A great article by the Swiss community IG Wild beim Wild”, which specializes in the legal aspects of wildlife conservation:

“Virtually everything that is cruel, unnecessary and heartless is sponsored by the Hunting Association Switzerland.

The Swiss Hunting Association primarily cultivates irreverence and a culture of violence – exactly the opposite, according to which a cultured person should strive in our society.

Hobby hunters even threaten a civil war, if, for example, the fox hunt should be stopped.


Members of the Association Hunt Switzerland have relations with representatives of the power in general. Furthermore, they use force or other means of intimidation (fear, lies, propaganda, etc.) to influence politics, the media, public administration, the judiciary or the economy.


These people of Hunt Switzerland hunt, terrorize, injure and kill defenseless animals – often just for fun or boredom. However, hunters can not tolerate hunting criticism.

As a normal citizen you lose the composure when you experience the endless mischief on the part of hobby hunters. And you can not really blame anyone for that.
In addition, you personally do not benefit from it, but we just do animal welfare, and give those a voice that have none and are suffering.

Because of these hobby hunters, wild animals in Switzerland suffer.


For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/05/16/switzerland-the-wild-animal-killer/

My best regards to all, Venus


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