Germany: Police shoot dog on the highway. It was murder.

Police officer shot a free-running dog on the Highway 29 with a submachine gun. Previously, ten officers (!!!) tried to capture the animal.


A free-running stray dog temporarily blocked traffic on Highway29 near Rastede near Oldenburg (Germany) and caused a lot of work for the police. The animal did not want to be caught on Thursday (February 6, 2020) and switched from one lane to the other.

The highway was temporarily blocked (25 Minutes).



Attempts to sedate the animal from a rifle with stun arrows failed, the police said after the operation. “The arrows hit, but had no effect,” said a spokesman. That was probably due to the dog’s high adrenaline level. Ultimately, an officer shot the animal with a submachine gun.

After the targeted killing of these free-running dog  the police explained their procedure in a Facebook post.

The officials responded to massive criticism on social networks. The decision to kill the animal was based on the considerable risk to the affected road users on the A29.



Before the fatal shot, police said ten officers tried to capture the animal. “There were no alternatives, unfortunately nothing else was possible,” said the spokesman. “The use of firearms is always the last option here”, the Facebook post emphasizes.

“Despite the closure of the motorway, it could not be ruled out that the animal could have caused a serious accident. Please understand. No police officer likes to do this, and we’re really sorry for the dog” (police statement on Facebook),hund1662.html

And I mean…Close the files, case is over.

The dog was neither aggressive nor had behaved incorrectly.
A submachine gun is of course always a quick fix so that car traffic is not held up too long.

Blocked for 25 minutes the highway? Really?? For every shit construction work is blocked the Highway forever!

but for a dog only 25 minutes?

10 officers failed to catch a medium-sized stray dog ​​???! Not even with a blanket or something like the police do in America?

Then we should rather have doubts about what the police can do, if it can’t even catch a dog in an open area without killing him.

The traffic was already shut down, so no driver was at risk, and the dog had obviously managed to get through the highway fence into the forest (where he was then shot).
He would never have run back on the highway.

And yet, someone shoots him.
With shooting they are always quick, they always shoot down immediately. And always the wrong or the weak ones!

If you want to become a police officer in Germany, it is enough if you have a fascist conviction and criminal energy.
It was murder.


My best regards to all, Venus


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