UK: Farms Not Factories – Pester the Pig Asks You to Contact DEFRA.




Pester the Pig is at it again; taking revenge on a couple that are ordering factory farmed bacon sarnies:

Click on this link to see another video showing Pester getting revenge:



Where does your local high street café get their pork from? 5 of the 6 high street café chains we surveyed get their pork from factory farms. Pester Pig takes revenge on a heartless couple who order factory-farmed bacon sarnies! You can help free pigs from chains by liking and sharing this video.

Tell DEFRA to ban low welfare imports

We’re calling on the UK government to ban the importation of pork produced in conditions that would be illegal in the UK. Sign the petition today:


The Problem

UK supermarkets & high street chains source from the very cheapest pork producers across the EU and perhaps in future from the USA, forcing our farmers out of the industry or to get bigger with ever more intensive and cruel conditions. Pigs reared in UK factory farms (an intensive farming system that is permitted under the Red Tractor labelling scheme) have to endure permanent indoor confinement in barren, overcrowded pens for their entire lives. Mother pigs are kept in narrow metal cages so small they cannot even turn around for five weeks in each pregnancy.

The Solution

To enable our farmers to improve their pig standards and survive, the government needs to ban the importation of pork produced in cruel conditions that are illegal in the UK. This would stop supermarkets & food chains competing to source the cheapest pork raised in the lowest standards of welfare and give UK farmers the freedom to increase their welfare conditions in accordance with UK consumers’ demands.

Pork labelled RSPCA Assured, Free Range and Organic has been raised in significantly better standards than the UK Red Tractor labelling scheme and minimum UK,EU and US standards. Pigs on high welfare farms, either outdoors or indoors with plenty of straw, are less stressed so more contented and healthy . They have enough room to roam and express natural instinctive behaviours such as rooting, nesting and playing.

The Pig Welfare Survey

Three-quarters of the 60 high street supermarkets & food chains surveyed by Farms Not Factories sell pork from factory farms. The vast majority of these don’t offer a single high welfare alternative.

Please sign our petition telling DEFRA MPs to enable our farmers to improve their pig standards and survive.

We’ve prepared an email for you, however it’s much more powerful to write in your own words. A personalised salutation (Dear + MPs name) and a sign-off (Sincerely, + your name) are automatically added.

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  1. It’s the 21st century, and the world doesn’t need any comforts, even ‘Treblinka’. We and animals need not more comfortable ‘Treblinkas’ .
    Animals have the right to natural death.

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