Turkey: 10 years imprisonment for dog killers


A court in Turkey has sentenced three men to ten years in prison for poisoning street dogs.


Ankara – A Turkish court has sentenced three men to ten years in prison for poisoning street dogs.

Ankara Grand Criminal Chamber No. 5 also fined each defendant 15,000 Turkish lira. The decision was welcomed by animal activists who followed the process.

According to the Anadolu news agency, referring to the indictment, the accused had fed chicken dipped in pesticides to street dogs in Ankara, causing their gruesome death.


Cat massacre with poison, Kos Island-Greece


Movies that show the dogs in agony when residents hurried to the scene of the crime triggered public outrage. Animal activists have long been committed to defining that violence against animals is a crime, not an offense. Existing laws only provide fines for crimes against animals.

Under increasing pressure from the public, the Turkish government had hurriedly announced a new ministerial law on animal rights.

The new law is intended to enable the courts to sentence up to four and a half years in prison for the killing and torture of pets and street animals.


poison bait


According to the changes, people found guilty of killing and torturing animals are sentenced to prison terms between four months and three years. If suspects have injured more than one animal, the sentence can be increased to four and a half years.

People who have forced animals to fight are given a draft of two to three years.

On the subject

– Turkey –

Animal welfare: Turkish police set up new cyber team against animal abusers!

The Turkish Police’s Cybercrime Department now has 11 new teams available. One of these teams will track animal violence online.

The new team is responsible for identifying users on social networks who share and distribute images of violence against animals. The actual perpetrators of the crimes would also be identified, the police said.




And I mean…Although Turkey is not an EU country and no one believes that Turkey will ever enter the EU, one has to say that these penalties are almost unknown in many EU countries.
10 years for the murder of an animal is a punishment that can have a big impact.

Germany claims it has one of the best animal welfare laws in Europe, but such a punishment for murdering an animal has not yet been posted here!

We very much welcome the judgment and hope that other countries belonging to the “civilized” EU will soon follow this example.

My best regards to all, Venus

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