6 things happening on farms that should be illegal but aren’t



People watch our investigative footage of industrial farms and are appalled at the cruelty they’ve witnessed. The images shown are something straight out of a nightmare, so surely the farmworkers shown in these videos will be arrested, right?

We’re here to clear some things up—unfortunately, much of what is documented in undercover investigations is not only completely legal but also standard practice.

Here are just a few examples:

1. DEPOPULATION: “Depopulation” or “culling” is the mass killing of animals on a farm.

Methods considered acceptable by the American Veterinary Association include exceptionally painful or prolonged methods such as suffocating the animals with foam or gas, manually slamming baby animals against the ground, and turning off the ventilation system in the barns and allowing the animals packed inside to slowly die of overheating.

This has typically happened when animals are suspected of having a disease, like the bird flu, for example.

However, recently hundreds of thousands of animals have been killed en masse due to breakdowns in the supply chain because of COVID-19.



2. THUMPING: As mentioned above, slamming animals to the ground has been used to kill them for depopulation, but this is actually standard practice in the commercial meat industry.

Workers sometimes kill piglets who are weak, sick, or not expected to reach market weight by slamming them into the ground, which is sometimes called “thumping.”

Some states have passed measures making this practice illegal, but in many areas, it’s not only legal but considered an acceptable form of “euthanasia.”

For more…at https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2020/07/12/6-things-happening-on-farms-that-should-be-illegal-but-arent/


And I mean.. According to the Federal Government, around 70 million poultry, six million pigs, 350,000 cattle and 100,000 sheep are slaughtered incorrectly in Germany every year.

This means that in nine percent of all cases the animals suffer great pain: Pigs are thrown into boiling water with full consciousness, cows are shot at the forehead bones a second and third time with the nail gun, or poultry are too slowly anesthetized with gas, with the result that they are afraid of suffocation before death.

It is obvious that such an animal welfare law does not protect animals and does not deserve its name.


Anyone who may think that such an operation, which was recorded in this Italian video, is only an exception, is unfortunately wrong.

In today’s world, profit is paramount. No consideration is given to animals. If a slaughterhouse worker can no longer perform his or her job in the slaughterhouse, a new worker is replaced.

Anyone who buys animal products orders such treatment of the animals – EVERYONE!

My best regards to all, Venus


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