Time Is Not On Our Side – WAV Posts – Links Here For Your Review.


Hi all

Time is not on our side at the moment.  We are still trying to put all our WAV posts onto SAV also; but this is not always done immediately.

So to save time; I am giving over a whole series of post links under the one heading on SAV.  Just click on any of the links to get the full story and take actions if necessary.

Regards Mark



USA – ‘Unseen’ – a look into the final hours of life for many pigs:


Dead, pathogen-laden pigs were left outside the slaughterhouse where wild animals were seen feeding upon them. This presents a proven risk of zoonotic disease transmission, with pigs, birds and even feral cats potentially infecting humans.

Workers cut away infected flesh from slaughtered pigs so they could be sold as healthy, with the removed, infected flesh left outside in open bins.

The diseases brewing inside Smithfield’s farms are being spread around the country, and everyone — animals, workers, and all life on this planet — is in danger.

The COVID-19 crisis has thrust animal agriculture into the public spotlight. People everywhere are waking up to this senseless collision course. Now is the time to call on California to lead the way and take a stance against animal ag. We’re demanding an immediate moratorium prohibiting the construction of new factory farms and slaughterhouses statewide, and phasing them out completely by 2025.

Please see more about DxE HERE




Climate Change – Polar Bears Could be Lost by 2100.


polar bear mushroom ice




Spain / Netherlands – A Million Mink Culled Amid Covid 19 Fur Farming Havoc.


White mink




England:  China Risking New Pandemic Even More Deadly Than Covid.


Chinese pig farms are propagating viruses




The question is – not can they reason; nor can they talk; but can they suffer ? – YES.

Labor Markierung an Affe





The Lohengin Swan Experience.


_Lohengrin. schwan jpg




UK / Mauritius:  Paradise Lost – 35 Years on for us and Mauritius still supplies primates to the UK for research.


GLAD primate 1




The cruel animal film industry:


filmtiere 1 jpg




Beyond Meat Enters Brazil as meat plants blamed for nations Covid outbreaks:


The announcement caused Beyond Meat's shares to increase 3 percent (Photo: Beyond Meat)




India – Watch the life saving work of Animal Aid Unlimited.


AAU June


My Story – Please do NOT do dairy:




Turkey:  2 Videos show Brown bears tortured by hunters.




Powered by Plants – the Highway to Health




For Slavica – Sorrow.


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